Focus: Hannah Trigwell

16th November 2016

For those out of the loop, Hannah Trigwell is a singer songwriter from Leeds who has risen from relative obscurity to millions of hits on YouTube, collaborations with Boyce Avenue, sold out shows, as well as a large and faithful fan-base of ‘Triglets’. Her latest single, Another Beautiful Mistake, is a melancholic yet elegant reflection on past choices. Hannah’s voice has a soothing, husky quality to it that is full of emotion and charm. Another Beautiful Mistake opens with an acoustic riff, slowly building onto a catchy chorus completed by synths and a toe-tapping drumbeat that pulls you in. I caught up with Hannah over the weekend and had a chat about the new single as well as life as a musician in general.

How has the transition been for you, going from relatively unknown to now having a huge fan base?
It hasn't been overnight that's for sure! I started really small – I had a few people regularly watching my videos and I was playing to a small bunch every night on my first couple of tours. I still love the small intimate gigs, they can be really special. I am lucky that I have such a loyal bunch following my music that share each new video and original song that I release. Word of mouth has built the fan base I have today and means that I can tour internationally, which has been a dream of mine since the beginning.
Another Beautiful Mistake feels like a very personal song, what's the story behind it?
It's a song about unrequited love and bitterness after a break-up… I did draw on past experience but what really inspired the song was an idea that I had about being at a party and seeing someone you love being happy with someone new, and then drunk driving/crashing a car. I'm not really sure where that idea came from initially, I think it was sparked from a movie scene I had seen just beforehand.
How was it written/ produced?
I was in the middle of a tour (with one of my faves Jeremy Loops!) and I had a day off in Southampton so I invited Corey Fox-Fardell down to write a song. We hit on these ideas straight away and ran with them. An incredible producer called Sky Van Hoff heard the song in its raw acoustic form and helped make it into what it is today. Corey and I recorded the song in his studio in Germany over the course of a few days; trying different elements out before settling on the final sound.
I hear you're in the studio at the minute, what are you up to?
Lots of songwriting! Both for myself and other artists. I have also recorded another track with Sky which I am really excited to release in the New Year, but can't give too much away about that just yet.

Who would be your dream collaboration?
I'm a big fan of Chainsmokers. And Snakehips… I would really love to collaborate with Mike Spencer who has produced so many of my favourite songs.

You can catch up with Hannah on Twitter and Facebook, as well as dozens of original songs and covers on Youtube.

Words by Morton Piercewright

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