Fletcher Cowan: Socially Correct

8th December 2017

Whether you have seen or heard him lead cheeky discussions across television and radio, or perhaps have enjoyed his guilty pleasure projects as he works relentlessly behind-the-scenes, Fletcher Cowan knows how to create the right projects. With his upbeat personality and refreshingly relatable sense of style, Fletcher is focused on taking his entertainment work to the next level, while bringing his broadcasting abilities to new heights.

Candid recently spoke with this media mastermind about his latest endeavours, how socialites differ around the world, and learn the surprisingly simplistic way towards winning Fletcher’s heart.
Fletcher Cowan Candid Magazine
You are a man who seems to enjoy wearing several hats. Do you get overwhelmed by working on so many different projects at once, or do you feel you thrive off of the busy behaviour?
TV and radio are my main focus. I absolutely love all the work I do as a host and this is definitely where I aim the majority of my energy. The modeling, DJ-ing, and events I host are a lot of fun but I don't really consider it as much ‘work'. It all comes together in creating [the] brand ‘Fletcher', I guess. Oh God, I sound like a Kardashian, but you know what I mean.

You were recently listed as one of Tatler’s most eligible men. What are the qualities you seek in a significant other? 
Firstly, I have no idea why I’m on this list. The whole thing is hilarious. In significant others, the most important thing is a sense of humour. Without this, what is the point in anything at all? I'm a very light and playful person. Getting me to be serious can be difficult, at times!
Fletcher Cowan Candid Magazine
What would you say brings you more joy? Being in front of the camera and microphone or being a creator behind-the-scenes?
I love both, although the adrenalin you get from being in front of the camera is insane. In my mind, I'm basically Bear Grylls in a slim fit suit.

You have been featured in other fashion publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue Living, and more. Being such a stylish guy, what are the trends you are loving these days and what are the trends that you can’t stand?
I have various go-to looks that I always tend to return to. I love a good leather jacket. I've got a great vintage one, as well as a few from Burberry that are my general go-to [looks]. And of course, you can't beat good tailoring. A cute suit, with a slim fit tie, and a pair of converse is pretty much my uniform past 6pm.
Oh and then of course there's the merch. I think I wore my Justin Bieber and Rihanna t-shirts on rotation for the whole of last year. It became a problem.
Fletcher Cowan Candid Magazine
You studied fashion at Central St. Martins. How has studying fashion changed your career approach and wardrobe choices?
In terms of my career, it's definitely angled me towards a lot more fashion collaborations. I've done quite a few video projects with brands including Topshop, New Look, Comme des Garçons, and Paul Smith. For television, I've hosted various fashion and red carpet events, because I love talking about what people are wearing. Great people wearing incredible clothes is a fun combination.

You have been working on a television series called How To Be A Socialite. What would you say makes a British socialite different from ones we often see in the news in the States and other parts of the world?
How To Be A Socialite on Channel 4 was a great show to work on and I met a whole array of crazy, brilliant, and utterly bonkers characters. I hosted the show and went on a real journey to find these different pockets within the British socialite world. It's certainly a place that's elitist and hard to penetrate. I get the impression that in America, socially at least, doors are more open, which is definitely a good thing. Although given the current political climate, I’m not so sure anymore, even in the US In more general terms, It should all be about inclusion and equality in this day and age. Both the UK and the US don't seem to be getting that right at the moment.

When you’re not working on your various projects, what do you like to do for enjoyment?
I'm a massive foodie. I love discovering new restaurants and hosting dinner parties at home. Food has become a real passion of mine, which on the flip side means I've had to install a small gym in my basement. You can't do one without the other!
Fletcher Cowan Candid Magazine
I hear you’re putting together your own online chat show. What types of topics can we expect and why do you think shows like this are so needed during these times we are living in?
The main focus of my chat show is to get brilliant and inspiring people talking in a free and natural way. The show isn't about them plugging their latest film or album, it's about having fun and seeing them in a different way to how they usually appear on say your average morning show. I want to interview a real cross section of guests that are exciting me right now. They're free to talk about pretty much whatever takes their fancy, but it's going to be intimate, real, and hilariously funny.

Being a media professional, you know how important it can be to maintain and strengthen your public perception and popularity. What steps do you take to make sure your brand remains intact and on a successful path?

I try and only work with brands, channels, and shows that I genuinely believe in and like. There's a lot of pressure to say “yes” to everything and it's at that point you might start to lose your way.
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Photography of Fletcher Cowan sourced from heyfletcher.com

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