Five designers from Vancouver Fashion Week AW18 that are sure to impress

3rd April 2018

Vancouver Fashion Week AW18  has yet again taken us through a whirlwind of stories and styles that have impressed us and are sure to grab your attention. Here are five designers that we think have some great potential and made a lasting impression for us. Who knew Canada's Vancouver could house such fashion?

Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet, the clothing line designed by Adam-Lin Bungag (Vancouver), is yet again a thrill to see this season. Last season the collection PURSUIT was all about his struggle of finding identity. This season we had the pleasure of witnessing his AW18 collection, SHAME.

SHAME is inspired by the emotions of coming to terms with having an identity that is not the popular norm. You can certainly see this in the clothing and style. This collection, in summary, portrays the designer's acceptance in his ‘coming out' and solidifies his stance of being who he is. Not Dead Yet has our full attention and we will be indefinitely coming back for more.

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JK Menswear

A west coast designer that impressed the crowds was JK Menswear. Julie Kintner who is from Seattle, Washington and based in San Francisco, prides herself on mens outerwear saying; “I wanted to create something that was a little more edgy with a north west style skater vibe, something that doesn’t get looked at by the activewear department.”

This was Julie’s first time in Vancouver and it was a success. We're looking forward to additional collections from JK Menswear.


(Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC)

KRIZIA JIMENEZ presents her captivating new collection at Vancouver Fashion Week AW18.

What is CBD?

The brand is a purveyor of intricately designed and thoughtfully curated fashion and accessories, it provides a unique point of view that attracts those of similar mind. It is artisanal, independent, watered-down avant-garde women’s and men’s wear.

(Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC)

The collection draws inspiration from life underwater. The pieces are crafted with an obsessive attention to detail. The silhouettes stay close to various dramatic forms and colors that epitomizes existence undersea.

(Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC)

The collection showcases a palette of neutrals to colors that draw more attention to the eyes. It dawns simplicity yet creating images with soft and stiff forms, allocating wider proportions while highlighting the figures using a couple of silk pieces and brocade bodices.
Who Is ATK

Coming from Taiwan, Who is ATK attempts to translate human emotion and feeling into the structures and fabrics of her clothes. This collection expresses the realistic phenomena of the workplace.

The enormous size of the jackets’ structure represents the defensive and indifferent attitude towards co-workers, with the white tops symbolising the purity of the untouched heart – which is original dialogue.

We also see the symbolising of people busy and unhappy in the workplace but are too nervous to speak up, so by ‘twisting' and ‘squeezing' (forcing yourself to accept the environment) a comfort zone is created. This compromise is a way of self protection. “I want to tell audiences that our innocent hearts feel helpless when we give in to the rules of this world” says Who is ATK when asked about her clothing. A lot to think about and a lot to see.
Romina Dorigo

Quality, creativity, craftsmanship and self-expression are the main keywords that come to mind for Romina Dorigo’s upcycling couture.

Emerging from Udine, Italy, Romina Dorigo caught our eye as the womenswear collection was worn by male models. A method to keep us more intrigued on the clothes than looking at the bodies wearing them – an interesting concept.

And in fact, everything from the long tulle skirts, silk taffeta ponchos and suits made from tapestries were all made from waste materials. This clothing was interesting and dare we say enchanting? This collection yearns in true Italian fashion to be admired and desired.

Words by Austin Everett.
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