Have a Fika With JAK

14th March 2019

Fika? Just when you thought the Scandi hype in the shape of Danish hygge was over and done with, it's time for Swedish fika to enter the scene.

Fika translates into ‘having a coffee with cake', but is so much more than that. It's a moment to unwind during a stressful day, spend time with colleagues or loved ones and, of course, enjoying Swedish pastry.

That philosophy is mirrored in JAK's first hook and loop sneakers called, that's right, Fika. We thought our Scandi Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, would know if they live up to the name…

I'm always thrilled when someone acknowledges something from my country of birth, especially if it's something as special as the art of fika.

It's even better when it's done by someone non-Swedish. JAK was founded in 2014, in Lisbon, Portugal, by Isabel and José Maria. Part of JAK's vision is to create products with modern design, that are made of high-quality materials and age beautifully over time.

The exquisite materials of the sneakers age beautifully over time.

These sneakers are an exquisite combination of materials and a signature minimalistic design. Smooth full-grain leather uppers pair with a matching colour rubber sole, calf leather linings, full leather midsoles and shock proof inner soles.   

JAK's first hook and loop sneakers, Fika.

The team at JAK are perfectionists, testing and crafting their products to the ultimate detail. Just like me, they like simplicity and believe that a minimalistic and monochromatic design highlights the high-quality materials they source and the craftsmanship of shoes made in Portugal.

JAK wants to go beyond fashion and create an authentic lifestyle experience, such as the fika.

It's their way of building and influencing tomorrow.

Minimalistic and monochromatic design highlights the high-quality materials.

JAK shoes and accessories are produced in the northern region of Portugal, famous for its multi-generation shoe production family-owned factories.

They source locally and responsibly, and follow a strict ethical code, making sure the products’ raw materials have less environmental impact, and that the people that work with for them are fairly and ethically treated.

The ultimate sneaker when it comes to style.

To see the Fika and the full JAK collection, head over to their website.

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