Fiercely British Fare With A Towering View, Sargeants Mess

3rd August 2018

Acclaimed chef, Mark Sargeant knows a thing or two about opening new restaurants having worked closely on various openings at Gordon Ramsay Holdings pub and he was the head chef at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's during their golden years around 2001-2008. When I read about the opening of Sargeants Mess at Tower Bridge, it was a new opening not to be missed.

First of all, this is a tricky restaurant to find with no street number and you don't want to be marching around the whole of the Tower of London before locating the venue. It is on the eastern side of the Tower in the shadows of Tower Bridge. As you might imagine, the views are spectacular from such a well-situated establishment. As well as being a diner and a cafe, they have a spacious outdoor terrace offering unrivalled views of the Thames, the Tower, and Tower Bridge.

The food is fiercely British and very much championing local produce; you might think is this a nod to the many tourists that frequent the area? The superficial answer might be yes, but the execution is simple yet so effective, there is much to enjoy here for all Londoners.

The menu is based on seasonal ingredients but it offers something for everyone whether you opt for a hearty vegetarian soup of the day on a chilly winter's night or London smoked salmon with refreshing fennel pickle and rye bread during a summer heatwave. The salmon was arguably one of my favourite dish at the restaurant; it doesn't take much time to prepare but they've sourced high-quality fish that had just the right amount of oiliness and a decent bite.

The options were equally plentiful for the main courses; you do have your classics like Atlantic cod with dripping chips as well as Cumberland sausage, but we went for some alternative choices. You do get plenty of jacket potatoes on offer at British restaurants, but the version here is baked sweet potato with spiced mixed bean stew and mint yoghurt. You can't criticise vegetarian dishes as being bland when you have such a whirlpool of minty, sweet and spicy flavours on your plate.

Not forgetting the strong Indian influences on British cuisine, I opted for their lamb curry with rice pilaf and paratha. It wasn't as spicy as I would expect from an authentic Indian version of the dish but it had enough punchy flavours to make it a winning British version.

The classics continued onto the desserts with all your childhood favourites there including treacle tart, raspberry jam Bakewell tart, and chocolate meringue.
Be a tourist for a day and take a trip to the Tower of London to check out Sargeants Mess.
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