Fashion’s New Smartphone: Huawei

31st October 2017

Over London Fashion Week, Candid Magazine partnered with the fashion industry’s favourite mobile phone company, Huawei for their Huawei Creative campaign.
Our Fashion Director, Rebekah Roy; Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt and our photographer, Rowben Lantion were armed with Huawei P10s and charged with capturing front row action, behind-the-scenes coverage, street style and of course the odd selfie.
It seems like everyone who works in the creative industries has switched over to Huawei, but if you haven’t heard of the brand, it is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but its camera functionality pretty well slots in at number one.

The Huawei P10 enables next-level smartphone photography with a Leica dual lens camera and front-facing camera. It also offers studio-level lighting and special features that make it more of a creative tool – but a tool that fits comfortably into your pocket.

Candid Magazine's Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt shot on the Huawei P10 at an after party over London Fashion Week

Thomas Falkenstedt says, “Having used an iPhone ever since they came out on the market I was surprised at the remarkable difference of the image quality between Huawei and Apple. My Huawei allowed me to take pictures of professional standard and even allowed me to save them in RAW format which makes editing them later a treat. The Huawei camera had all the features and settings that a regular, a lot larger camera has and fits right in your pocket, which is perfect for London Fashion Week.

For that reason, I even left my camera at home at some occasions and only used my Huawei to document runway shows, street style and the buzz going on around. The video quality also enabled me to make crisp and clear footage whether it was for my Instagram Stories or a keepsake. It feels like the days of carrying around three kilos extra in camera equipment are gone for me. With someone switching over from iOS to Android, it was also a lot easier than I thought, as Huawei has a user-friendly interface and is easy to adapt to. I simply fell in love with it!”
Candid Magazine's Fashion Director, Rebekah Roy did a men's fashion editorial over London Fashion Week and caught the boys behind the scenes having some fun:

A post shared by Rebekah Roy (@rebekahroy) on

A post shared by Rebekah Roy (@rebekahroy) on

And the ultimate test: our photographer. Candid Magazine’s London Fashion Week photographer, Rowben Lantion says, “The phone comes in a compact size, not too large compared to a camera or other smartphones. The creative features in camera provide enthusiasts with a wide range of settings to achieve a great shot at just a tap away!”

Alton Mason after walking the Versus Versace SS18 show, photographed by Rowben Lantion using the Huawei P10.
Rowben, who normally shoots with a 5D Mk III, fixed with a 50mm f1.2 prime lens went on to say, “What I liked shooting with this phone is that it also comes with Pro settings built in. Applying my knowledge of shooting manual, I can apply the exposure fundamentals to adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, giving me full control over the final image. Also, with the dual camera comes with a 12MP colour sensor, and a 20MP monochrome sensor.
Shooting black and white gives you that ‘Leica' look – a crisp image, with high contrast, awarding you with a simple, and dramatic effect on the atmosphere.” Rowben concludes that “the in-camera depth of field effect can be adjustable to give that extra blur in a portrait, or extra sharpness on a landscape.”
Huawei Candid Magazine 2
The photographer's pit, photographed by Rowben Lantion using the Huawei P10's monochrome feature.
Huawei Candid Magazine
Sidewalk style, photographed by Rowben Lantion on the Huawei P10.

See Rowben Lantion's backstage imagery of the Joshua Kane show here.
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