Exhibition: Kaffe Fassett, A Life in Colour

10th June 2013


Born in San Francisco in 1937, Kaffe Fassett has been producing work as an artist for 50 years. Celebrating his life’s work in both the textile and fashion industries, the Fashion and Textile Museum are showcasing the ‘Kaffe Fassett: A Life In Colour’ exhibition in Bermondsey, London. Running until the end of June, the exhibition promises to be a journey of colour by “one of the great practitioners of contemporary craft” – The Fashion and Textile Museum.

Featuring over one hundred works, including an array of quilts, knitted shawls, mosaics, cushions, painted works and the newest addition; hats, Kaffe Fassett has proved to be an extraordinary artist, who has seemingly delved into all mediums in his long and successful career.


The exhibition takes you on a journey of the artist’s life, starting from his childhood with a showcase of family photographs and paintings by a younger Kaffe Fassett. Notably the artists initial work was very much monochrome, a far cry from his work today. The exhibition is an insight into how the artist has evolved his work both in colour and medium; initially starting as a still life painter, Kaffe Fassett has developed into an established and recognised artist working in needlepoint, quilting, knitting and mosaics.

His works and arrangements of colour are shown off perfectly, hung on the brightly coloured walls of the museum, showcasing the impressive sense of scale of the stunning quilts. Designed by Sue Timney, the exhibition features against a backdrop of large black and white designs in the museum, contrasting flawlessly against the kaleidoscopic pieces of Fassett’s, which only seem to exaggerate the colours further. Highlights of the exhibition include ‘inspiration boxes’ featuring objects and photographs that have directly influenced Fassett as well as a ‘feeling wall’.

Noted as a visual feast the exhibition looks set to bring some much needed colour into what has been an otherwise bleak arrival of the British summer.

210313-ftm-k-fawcett-073 (1)

Open until 29th June, at the Fashion & Textile Museum.

Rosie Williams

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