Everyman Needs Bourbon At The Movies, Wild Turkey 101

11th July 2018

Most movie goers will often find themselves armed with confectioneries before even entering the movies, we each have our favourites and wouldn't have it any other way. But what if I told you, that you could enjoy your next screening with a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned…need I say more? 

The best things come in packages, Gigi and Bella, Yeezy and Yeezy and naturally bourbon and Everyman cinemas. Whilst you may not be fortunate enough to enjoy the company of your favourite Hadid sister or egotistical rapper, you can enjoy a trip to the movies with arguably one of the best serves you could possibly drink, a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned.
The collaboration between Everyman and Wild Turkey means you can enjoy an Old Fashioned curtesy of Wild Turkey from the comfort of your seat, just in time for the opening credits. Both Wild Turkey and Everyman have selected the best original stories that are raw and real for the Bold Cinema Series at each Everyman cinemas across London.

First up, Sicario 2: Soldado (until 13/07/18) the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sicario (2015) which was nominated for three Oscars and three BAFTAs.

Uncompromisingly thrilling and with a payload of action, Sicario 2: Soldado works as many sequels often do; as a solid enough narrative with obvious intentions of a third and final instalment.
The theme of the second instalment is a tale of terror along the Mexican border and is packed with nail-biting action, which left us on the edge of our extremely comfortable seats.

If after one Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned you're thirsty for more (always drink responsibly), then see below for the perfect recipe to make from the comfort of your home.
Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned recipe:
50ml Wild Turkey 101
2 dashes Angostura bitters
10 ml Sugar Syrup
Garnish with a thick slice of orange peel
Pour half of the whiskey and all the bitters into a rocks glass with the sugar syrup,
then add two cubes of ice and stir. Slowly add more ice and the remaining whiskey,
whilst stirring until the sugar is diluted. Snap the orange peel over the drink to release
the citrus oils and finally drop into the glass as garnish.

Wild Turkey 101 is a classic high rye bourbon loved by bartenders, and now movie goers alike!
For more information on the Wild Turkey Bold Cinema Series, see here or to purchase tickets see here.
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