Dumpty – The Rebirth Of Sports Luxe

22nd September 2017

Dumpty have been like the approach of a distant drumbeat in the fashion world, a growing raucous beat that gets louder every season. One of the great things about watching young and emerging designers over a series of seasons is you can see the clanging snares and screaming guitars develop into their own symphony, and as designer symphonies go, this was their Ode To Joy. With a soaring narrative Beethoven would of approved of, it was bold, loud and sonorous. A collection woven in a coherent melody with the lifting choral sections of a theatrical performance.


This was the representation of the collection as a complete wardrobe with a look for every day. Coats and jackets for the blustery, wet and windy days of early spring and increasingly mid-summer; shorts, trousers, T-shirts, jumpers – yes all there. For the young man with a penchant for the edgy and thought provoking there’s a new label to call home.


Dumpty also fed into a theme that I was so pleased to see returning to the catwalks this season, the concept of fun. Yes you can be edgy without austerity and impracticality. These are looks that have statement and impact, but with a smile; they have joy, and most of all they are all utterly wearable. Don’t get me wrong, as a man that grew up worshiping at the alter of Gaultier and McQueen, I love designers who throw away the rules and just create modern art, but I also love those who can create a wearable look. Yes a Rothko is great on a wall, but you can’t nip down the newsagents in it.



With Dumpty you’ll be able to head down the shops for a pint of milk rocking a look, and if on the way you think sod it, forget the semi-skinned I wanna party with my mates, you won’t have to go home to change. To deliver the creativity of couture to the reality we live in is a skill, as much a skill as playing any instrument, and Dumpty with this collection, are showing us they aren’t just any old guitar player, they’ve become Keith Richards – complex, talented and absolutely rocking.
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