Diesel Ignites Instagram Backlash

6th September 2017

In a backlash to overly-perfect social media content, Italy’s original rebel brand, Diesel has deleted its entire Instagram feed and is restarting with a focus on the imperfect, the spontaneous, the flawed. “We think perfection is boring, and especially on Instagram everybody seeks perfection. Perfect photo, perfect picture, perfect life. And we are just tired of it. So we decided to delete everything for an imperfect new beginning.”

In a video called Go With The Flaw directed by Francois Rousselet, a motley gang of models decked out in the new autumn/winter 2017 season goes about their daily business: waking up on the middle of a bridge (perhaps a night of binge drinking gone awry), a silly trip to the supermarket, an attitude-fueled walk through airport security, a cross-eyed session of billiards and golfing from teacups from the wing of a plane, all whilst a faceless man chops film negatives of the fun – untouched and raw. It finishes with an army of Diesel models marching in slo-mo with an abandoned bus.

While the sentiment might get blurred a bit (these are still models after all), we applaud the brand’s attack on the general overuse of airbrushing and the hashtags: #flawless and #perfect. Will it kick-start a new wave of more carefree content? Let’s wait and see.
Watch Go With The Flaw here:

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