It’s All In The Details, Polo Bar At The Westbury Hotel

13th November 2017

Polo Bar at The Westbury – Delivering understated luxury for discerning drinkers in Mayfair

The Westbury is one of my favourite hotels in London because it manages to deliver 5-star luxury in one of the most efficiently discreet way possible. Polo Bar very much fits into this category along with distinguished dining establishments like Alyn Williams at The Westbury and Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant. Yes, they use Swarovski Crystal fittings and custom Fendi detailing, but nothing ever seems out of place or garish-looking. If the bar was a Hollywood star, we would be talking about golden age old-style glamour rather than a new-age money look. There are luxurious velvet and leather seating and you really do appreciate the wide spacing between tables which makes this venue superb for intimate dates or business meetings.

Their menu has just the right amount of offerings to keep all imbibing fans engaged. If you are a traditionalist, then their classics section will appeal including classics revisited like the Raffles Sling made famous by the eponymous hotel in Singapore and the forgotten classic like Corpse Reviver No.1 which is increasingly making more of an appearance in high-end bars in London.

We tried their signature cocktails which included sensuous creations like Pearl Gem. As we find increasingly,  teas mix supremely well with spirits and in this case, it was Blend 68 tea and Tanqueray Ten gin. It was given an exotic edge with lychee and pineapple foam and elegantly topped up with Champagne.

The other cocktail we tried was The Last Cocktail, which is the signature cocktail of The Luxury Collection. Once again, we have Tanqueray gin topped up with bubbles. It was finished off with pear juice, lemon and homemade rosemary syrup to make for an extremely luxurious and sippable cocktail. I particularly liked their innovation of offering a smaller cocktail glass with the same cocktail, so that your other guests can try the sensual delights.

Their bar food menu offers the ideal light bites complement to their cocktail and wine lists. The food that we ordered came in canapes-sized portions which were once again ideal for sharing with your guests. Lobster tartlets provided meat which was fresh and had a firm bite whilst it came with a lime and passionfruit jelly which was particularly invigorating. Smoked salmon cones came in such a beautifully-sized shape, that it felt almost cruel to be destroying these works of art to satisfy my hunger pangs. The salmon mousse felt light and elegant and topped up with Aquitaine caviar to offer some textural variety.

They will also have a changing roster of Artist in Residency performing late on Friday and Saturday nights, so all cocktail and music lovers should consider making a booking at Polo Bar at The Westbury soon.

For more information on Polo Bat at The Westbury, see here.
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