Three Hot Takes on Cibdol CBD Products

25th May 2020

When we received a box of top CBD beauty goodies to the Candid Magazine office recently, there was a rush to get the delivery open and decide on who was going to try what! Luckily for me (being the boss), I was in a position to assert my authority (or perhaps take advantage of it!) and get first dibs on the goodies.

I decided to try out the Holy Grail of beauty products for the lady in her early 30’s – face serum.

A Little About Me and My Skin…

Having had combination-oily skin for most of my teens and twenties, when serums first launched into the mainstream beauty market I was somewhat reluctant to give them a go. The thought of adding additional moisture or oil to my face didn’t make sense at the time.

Surely it would only make the situation worse?

But recently having educated myself of how and why our skin does the things it does, I understand now how beneficial moisture and oils can be in keeping oil at bay (as part of a balanced skincare regime).

I also came to the conclusion, that investing in a few key quality products for your skin will give better, longer lasting results and prove much more economical in the long run.

First Impressions of Cibdol Face Serum

First thoughts on the Cibdol box – nice. Perhaps more clinical than some of the other beauty products I’ve used, but still something I would pick up from the shelf to check out.

The box lifts off to a separate top and bottom cut at a 45-degree angle, which is quite unusual and a nice touch (I think it’s to reflect the Swiss Alps).

Anyway, the bottle is small, sturdy and attractive with etched glass. I’m convinced that it will sit quite well on my beauty stand.

The Serum

Twisting the top to open, the dropper holds the serum well – it’s thick enough for the excess not to run off the outside and go to waste by falling on your desk or clothes.

The serum itself is a cloudy white colour and feels very smooth, not at all oily, sticky or leaving you with an unpleasant residue on the hands.

The instructions say that 1-2 drops should be applied to the face, neck and upper chest, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Personally, I found this a little on the light side, so I now start off with 2 drops and then add more as needed.

On average I would use 3-4 drops for each application, ensuring that it’s well absorbed into the skin.



The scent is very light and inoffensive – akin to a light baby powder smell. It doesn’t last long, which I’m fine with, and doesn’t overpower the wearer. Allowing a minute or two to be fully absorbed by the skin (you’ll be surprised how thirsty your skin actually is for some moisture), you can then continue with the rest of your skincare regime as normal.

For anyone unsure of what order to use your products, I use this as a general guide:

CLEANSE your skin (double cleansing is best)
TONE your skin (the skin’s PH balance needs to be neutralised after cleansing)
TREAT your skin (with a surge of moisture from serum or oil)
MOISTURISE your skin (with a good quality moisturiser and eye cream to suit your personal skin type)

After One Week of Use…

I’ve been using this serum for 7 days now, every morning and evening as part of my usual routine. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects at all.

Of course, it takes time for your skin to feel the real benefits of using such products, but after week one, I will definitely be continuing to use Cibdol’s Serum.

My skin has had fewer blemishes (not sure if this is a coincidence or a direct result of the serum) and feels a lot plumper and healthier.

While I don’t have dry skin by any means, I can now see how my skin was very dehydrated in certain areas.

Now that my skin has been receiving an additional moisture boost, I can begin to see more life coming back into it. There are fewer days where I wake up feeling slightly “grey” and “tired”, or just not looking or feeling like myself. Plus, my skin appears fuller and fresher.

Here’s a Happy Accident I Noticed

Another happy side effect since using the serum, is how long my makeup has been lasting on a daily basis.

While I always use a primer under makeup (it’s one of my golden rules), there are still many occasions where I feel the makeup literally “sliding” off my face. You know the feeling ladies – it’s heartbreaking.

Since using the face serum, I can definitely notice a difference in both how the makeup sits immediately after application, and the length of time I can go without needing to touch up. Double win!

Would I Recommend It?

So, would I recommend Cibdol’s Face Serum, and will I continue to use it? The answer is yes on both counts. It’s still early days after just a week of using the serum, but the signs are super encouraging.

By keeping this serum as part of my regime and investing in my skin on a long term basis, I’m sure I’ll reap the benefits in the long run.

Cibdol CBD Day Cream

Now in my thirties, I wish I’d incorporated a day cream into my routine earlier. In my teens and early twenties with oily skin, I thought moisturiser was unnecessary.

Boy, was I wrong.

After a sudden hormonal change, my skin took on a dry appearance and I had many painful breakouts. That’s when I realised that by moisturising my skin, it wouldn’t need to produce as much oil.

Did I mention I have very sensitive skin, too? All I can say is that finding a good moisturizer was no easy task.

First Impressions of Cibdol Day Cream

First off, I like the name!

It might sound silly, but “Cibdol” makes me feel like a doll, but not just any doll. More like, cannabis barbie and she’s the coolest doll you’ve ever seen.

Back to reality.


I like the clean look of the box and the matte component is sturdy. Feels heavy to hold – in a very good, “this is not a toy”, kind of way.

The screw-top lid revealed the perfectly poured cream and a light scent (very fresh). It was an overall very satisfying experience, but I don’t like having scents on me all day (perks of having sensitive skin) so I will definitely keep this in my mind once I try it.

Instruction and Advice

The instructions advised me to use it in the morning time, after cleansing and toning the face, neck and upper chest, avoiding the area around the eyes. I only use toners on my nighttime routine and I don’t usually moisturize the upper chest, so I say: let’s compromise! No toner, but add the upper chest. Super! This is the plan for the next 7 days.

Now let’s dig in!

The cream is thick but very smooth and it glides easily on the skin. My concerns about the scent are fading away because my skin smells great, like I’m fresh out of a pamper day at the Spa.

It absorbs easily and the skin feels super nourished and looks great without any excessive shine or oiliness. I do hope, though, that I don’t have any breakouts in the next few days.

Final Thoughts After a Week

It’s now exactly seven days since I first started using the Cibdol CBD day cream. I’m still excited when I use it in the morning and I can honestly say this one will be used to the very last drop.

I didn’t get any breakouts during this week and my skin feels both hydrated and nourished – thank you very much.

Reduced Redness, Firmer Skin

I also noticed that the redness on my cheeks is lighter – pinkish even – which was a great and welcomed surprise. I’m not an expert but I would have to say this is due to the CBD being one of the main active ingredients, as my previous day cream did not have any.

My skin feels softer than before and maybe even a bit firmer? I keep looking at the fine lines to double-check if this is not a placebo effect and I honestly think they are smoother. I’m not saying I look 20 again (unfortunately) but it looks nice and well taken care of.

Overall, I give the Cibdol CBD day cream a standing ovation and would definitely recommend it.

Cibdol Lip Balm

I am a sucker for lip balm.

I have one on my desk, one in the car and one in my handbag. Basically I can’t go anywhere without it. My lips aren’t the driest but I love the feeling of moisturised lips.


So when the Cibdol products arrived, of course, I asked for the Lip Balm. I have heard a bit about Cibdol before, a reputable Swiss brand that has a wide range of CBD products. They were also kind enough to send us a tester of their 10ml CBD oil.

First thoughts

The packaging is simple and clear and the lip balm itself is in a small, clean 5ml jar.

Honestly, I am not a fan of lip balms that require you to put your finger into the product and then onto your lips, I prefer the stick-style applicators. The instructions do say to apply with clean fingertips, but still, I just prefer to avoid finger to lip application, especially on the go.

So the first time trying the lip balm, the overall impression was really good. I noticed some small specks in the product but I think this is just from manufacturing. The first time trying to get product onto my finger was a bit tougher, but from regular use, the lip balm was easier to apply.

Unlike a lot of other CBD products I have tried, the lip balm has a pleasant fruity smell which comes from the sweet tropical mango seed butter blended into the product.

Daily routine

I’ve been using the Lip Balm multiple times throughout the week. It’s become part of my morning routine and I apply it again after lunch. It has become a lot easier to apply and I have become slightly obsessed with the subtle shine of it on my lips. I like how it isn't sticky or too oily, and takes only a couple of minutes to be absorbed.

Following a week of testing this lip balm, I still have a lot of product left and I will definitely continue to use it. It has become the perfect accompaniment to my morning routine during the lockdown. I definitely recommend this lip balm if you are looking for a subtle glow on your lips and intense moisture.

Cibdol CBD Oil

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of CBD oil. There are few that I had tried that the taste hasn't put me off entirely. Cibdol were kind enough to send us a 10ml bottle of their 5% CBD Oil. Their CBD oil is one of the strongest and purest CBD oils on the market, made from natural hemp and olive oil.


How to Use

The recommended instructions are shaking the bottle well before use and taking 3-4 drops 3 times a day. Once the CBD oil is opened, Cibdol recommends storing the vial in your refrigerator.


I think everyone knows by now, CBD oil doesn’t have a great taste. Cibdol’s oil doesn’t taste bad but it doesn’t taste delicious either.

I'm not a big breakfast eater, a black coffee in the morning suffices so I decided on not taking the CBD in the morning, taking it once I was finished with work and right before going to bed.

Better Sleep

I don’t have any ongoing pain or anxiety, however, I did notice my sleep improved.

Falling asleep is easy, but staying asleep is the problem. Once 11 o’clock hits I am out for the count, whether I am in the middle of watching a movie or reading a book. But then once I am asleep I wake up with the sound of wind or any movement.

I received a Fitbit at Christmas and since then I have been monitoring my sleep score. I have had some issues with waking up in the middle of the night but since I started taking the CBD oil my score has increased from an average of 65-70 to high 70s – 80s.

Final thoughts

I’ll admit to being quite sceptical about CBD being beneficial for some issues. However, I am delighted to find it actually helps me with sleep.

Of course, it is not a sleeping pill that will make you fall asleep straight away but it definitely helps you unwind and improves the quality of sleep.

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