The Chap Olympiad: Possibly The World’s Most Eccentric Garden Party

24th May 2017

Walk through the gate of an English square and end up in an eccentric garden party from the more peculiar side of the twenties.
If you’ve never been to The Chap Olympiad, the 15th of July is your opportunity to travel back in time. Enjoyed equally as a spectator and a games participant, The Chap Olympiad is a strangely intoxicating spectacle of fashion and gaming – but only for those completely lacking in athleticism.

Upon entering Bedford Square Gardens in Bloomsbury, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into a quizzical dream where Prohibition-style suits, a Gatsby-esque colour palette, flat caps and boaters have invaded the party.

As if designed for those with a strong cocktail in one hand, the perplexingly simple ‘sporting’ events include the languid man’s favourites like Not Playing Tennis, where players are seated in armchairs to compete in a game of tennis (the tennis ball is suspended on a wire strung between two hat stands) and Umbrella Jousting: two contestants, ‘armed’ with umbrellas go head-to-head on bicycles, attempting to knock each other off. Being unskilled is encouraged, while we're assured that the judges will look favourably upon those who incessantly fuss over their appearance.

We’re very ‘Sad!’ that we missed the Trump Toupee game last year. We haven’t been for a few years, but can say without a doubt that it will go down in history as one of your best days out, and just think about all the Instagram-worthy situations.

Bourne & Hollingsworth, the restaurant, bar and experiential events specialists underwrite The Chap Olympiad and have it perfected. It’s worth noting that they are also the geniuses behind The Blitz Party, The Tweed Run and Cocktails in the City. There will be plenty of cocktails floating around at The Chap Olympiad, along with live music and food.

Book your tickets here, and a word of advice: get stuck in, don your best 1920’s ensemble and sign up for a game or two. Who knows, you could excel at Tea Pursuit.
The Chap Olympiad will take place on Saturday, 15 July from noon to dusk. Gaming will commence at 1:00pm.

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