Perfect Your Skincare Routine with This CBD Tanning Water

8th October 2019

In partnership with renowned YouTuber – Jamie Genevieve – Utan has launched the first CBD infused tanning water in the world.

The Utan CBD infused Tanning Water helps users get a natural-looking tan while also providing excellent skincare results. It is scented with Scottish Lavender oil and as such smells great. CBD (a legal cannabinoid) is gaining traction as a premium luxury beauty product due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects. It is also known as an aid for relaxation. The CBD tanning water skincare product from Utan, which has a pending patent, is designed for use by people with sensitive skin. It can be used by all people and is 100% vegan which means it has been produced in a cruelty-free process.

When asked about her collaboration with Utan in making this product, Jamie Genevieve said that Utan has been her tanning brand of choice since time immemorial. According to Jamie, it is an honour to partner with Utan in the creation of a product that she can also use. She says that her followers know she loves glowing skin and hopes that they will love the new product as much as she does.

She also added that she is excited to aid in the creation of the first CBD tan in the world. The new product is the most ideal method of keeping a freshly tanned look at all times for people like her who use masks and scrubs. She hopes that all people will love using the product just as much as she loved helping to design it.

Jamie and Utan have also collaborated to release Skin Idol – a super pigmented instant body highlighter which has a luminescent and creamy finish.

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