CBD Oil for Hair: What Does CBD Oil Do for Hair Growth

8th November 2021

Hair loss is an issue that can affect all ages, but can you use CBD oil for hair loss? The reality is we all want a full head of luscious hair, and those experiencing hair loss can feel very insecure. CBD is not a relatively new phenomenon; however, people are increasingly flocking to it.

Users claim CBD helps them de-stress, enhance their overall wellbeing, sleep better and ease everyday aches and pains. In addition, some research has backed up its ability to help with these health concerns. When you do a quick google search, it seems as though CBD can tackle anything.

So, can it do anything for hair, particularly hair concerns such as hair loss and hair growth? Let’s explore how CBD could potentially encourage hair growth below.

How Does CBD Oil for Hair Loss Work?

Before we jump into whether you can use CBD oil for hair loss, let’s first explore how CBD interacts with our bodies. This will help you further understand how CBD could work for hair. CBD is a cannabinoid, and there are many different cannabinoids found in our bodies, known as endocannabinoids.

Our body produces its own cannabinoids, which is why CBD can work when we take it. There is a system in our bodies known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which makes use of the compounds. It is this system that is responsible for a range of processes and functions.

These include mood, sleep, memory, appetite and fertility, and reproduction. Even if you do not take CBD, the ECS is present and is working in the body. Endocannabinoid receptors are discovered throughout the body, and endocannabinoids bind to them as a means to send signals to the ECS.

The two primary endocannabinoid receptors are CB1 receptors, commonly found in the central nervous system, and CB2 receptors often discovered in the peripheral nervous system. Experts are not entirely sure about how CBD interacts with the ECS. However, they are aware that it does not bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the same way as THC.

Instead, they suggest it works by stopping endocannabinoids from breaking down. This is said to enable them to have a more significant effect on the body. In saying that, some researchers think CBD binds to a receptor that is yet to be discovered.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is not an uncommon problem – it can affect any age group. Hair loss can mean patches of hair are falling out, strands, or certain sections of hair on the head. For example, many older men will lose the hair on the top of their heads, but the hair on the sides will remain.

It can make many feel insecure, and lots of people experiencing hair loss try to cover it up with hats. Some of the common reasons for hair loss include hormonal changes, medical conditions, heredity, or simply ageing. In addition, hair loss is experienced by both males and females; however, it is more common among men.

Certain medications can also cause hair loss in addition to trauma events. Another cause of hair loss is how you style and treat your hair. For example, if you wear your hair extremely tight, this can cause a form of hair loss known as traction alopecia.

Specific hair treatments can lead to hair falling out too. Additionally, infections and scalp conditions can cause hair to fall out and prevent new hair from growing. Another thing that can play a role is diet.

If you are not getting adequate amounts of iron, protein, zinc, and biotin, you miss out on vital nutrients your hair needs to grow. These are the main factors that result in hair loss.

What Does CBD Oil Do For Hair – Can It Prevent Hair Loss?

Now that you know how CBD interacts with the body and some of the causes of hair loss, let’s dive into the benefits of CBD oil for hair.

CBD Encourages Better Sleep and Reduces Stress

Life can be very stressful; we put a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves. This pressure can very quickly turn into us feeling overwhelmed. Feeling this way can have a significant impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

High cortisol levels have been linked to hair loss in addition to poor sleep. Likewise, high cortisol levels also impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep. With stress and inadequate sleep being common triggers for hair loss, finding ways to bring down your stress levels is crucial.

This will help you fall asleep easier and also prevent further hair loss. Luckily, research has found CBD to be useful for both anxiety and sleep. In particular, a 2010 study analysed the effects of CBD on individuals with social anxiety disorder, and the participants reported reduced anxiety levels.

In addition, recent studies have found CBD to be helpful for those experiencing PTSD symptoms and traumatic stress. With that in mind, it seems possible that CBD oil could reduce stress levels which would directly help you achieve a good night’s sleep. This may help you in preventing further hair loss.

It May Enhance Blood Flow

Having good blood circulation provides many benefits for your hair, particularly hair growth. For hair to grow healthy and strong, each of the hair follicles needs to get oxygen and nutrients from the blood vessels in the body. This means good blood circulation will undoubtedly enable the hair to grow.

This is because more oxygen and nutrients are reaching the scalp and a healthy scalp is crucial to hair growth. Therefore, if you want your hair to grow, you’ll want your blood circulation to improve so your scalp is healthy and receives all the nutrients it requires to grow healthy locks.

CBD could certainly help here as research has found it improves cerebral blood circulation. This means using CBD will encourage the blood vessels to deliver more nutrients to the hair follicles. All the while, it will encourage harmful toxins to be removed.

Therefore, using CBD oil for hair loss could encourage strong and healthy hair growth.

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

As mentioned previously, a healthy scalp equals healthy hair and hair growth. Therefore, if you have a dry scalp or an inflamed scalp, this may be the reason your hair is falling out. Beyond causing your hair to fall out, an inflamed scalp can be quite painful and irritating.

Therefore, it is essential to soothe and enable your scalp to heal. Considered an anti-inflammatory, CBD could possibly help. Although research on CBD is still quite limited, what is available seems promising for inflammation.

Research has suggested CBD minimises inflammation due to how it interacts with the ECS, which is responsible for regulating pain and inflammation. This is the case for both acute and chronic inflammation. One animal study discovered CBD reduced inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

A review from 2009 illustrated CBD could lessen inflammation which commonly accompanies injuries. Therefore, if you are experiencing an inflamed scalp and hair loss, the inflammation may be the reason. You could try CBD oil to bring down the inflammation and enhance the overall health of your scalp, which in turn could result in healthy hair growth.

It May Nourish a Dry, Itchy Scalp

Although a dry and itchy scalp is generally not a cause of hair loss, it can become one if you give into scratching or picking it. This is particularly the case for scalp conditions like dandruff. This is because doing so can injure your hair follicles which can cause hair to fall out.

While you will not lose all your hair, you may lose some locks. This is why it is crucial not to pick at or scratch your scalp. However, we do understand that it is easier said than done.

An itchy and dry scalp can be very painful, and the need to itch can be difficult to ignore. This is why you need to moisturise your scalp and treat it so as to get rid of this itchy sensation. The good news is CBD may be able to help here.

CBD is said to encourage the production of sebum, or as it is commonly known, our skin’s natural oils. This can nourish the scalp relieving it of dryness, and may help reduce discomfort and itchiness. More research is needed to confirm this; however, it does seem promising that CBD can bring moisture to a dry and itchy scalp.

Doing so should help you prevent any further hair loss and maintain your healthy locks.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Hair Growth

There are so many different CBD products out there, from edibles to shampoos and capsules. For this reason, if you are new to CBD, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to finding CBD oil for your hair. Not to worry, we will share some of the CBD products you can try to prevent hair loss.

CBD Oil for Hair

The most common way to take CBD is in its oil form as it is super easy and also the most known way to take it. It is straightforward to administer and take daily; usually, you just have to pop a few drops under your tongue, and you are good to go. The effects from CBD oil typically kick in within 15 minutes because, unlike edibles, they do not have to go through the digestive system.

One issue with CBD oil, though, that turns people off is the taste. CBD has a nutty, earthy taste, so CBD oil may not be the best for you if you have a sensitive palate or are a bit fussy. In addition, there are so many CBD oils on the market currently since it is so popular.

One we would recommend is the Ciro Health Full Spectrum CBD Oil. You get 1000 mg of CBD for the 20 ml bottle. It is certified organic and non-GMO, made in the USA. You can add it to your beloved e-juice if you currently vape CBD or you can take it as a regular CBD oil.

If you are not a fan of the natural taste of CBD, perhaps flavoured tinctures may be more your thing. We would recommend the Canndid CBD tinctures. They are berry flavoured and come in two different strengths – 1000 mg and 2500 mg.

The tinctures are made from high-quality CBD, which comes from naturally grown hemp plants.

CBD Gummies for Hair

If tinctures and oils are not your preference and you would rather have something a bit sweeter, you could always try some CBD gummies. They are arguably the most exciting way to consume your daily dose of CBD. In addition, they generally taste really good and are easy to dose.

The only downside to gummies is the effects take longer to kick in since they must travel through the digestive system. In addition, it can be challenging to find vegan gummies if you follow that diet. However, not to worry because Canndid has some delicious CBD vegan gummies.

Despite whether you are vegan or not, you will definitely enjoy the fruity taste of these sugary CBD gummy bears. The strength of the gummies is 150 mg of CBD which means depending on the dose; you will receive 15 mg or 25 mg of CBD per gummy. They are all made with natural flavourings too.

CBD Shampoo and Conditioners

Some people don’t like the idea of having to take another supplement, so this is where CBD shampoo and conditioners come in. It is likely the easiest way to add CBD into your lifestyle to achieve healthy locks. Since these hair products are considered to be topical products, they will target one area on the body – in this case, the scalp.

In addition, the shampoos and conditioners often contain other ingredients which are great for hair and scalps—for example, activated charcoal, hemp seed oil, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and more. In addition, if you care about the environment, there are CBD shampoo bars available like the NKD CBD Shampoo Bars.

They come in a few different scents – honey tobacco, honey oak, and oud. Additionally, they sell an exfoliating CBD shampoo bar that contains activated charcoal. The 100 g bars contain 50 mg of CBD.

They contain natural essential oils which help improve the hair’s condition and nourish the scalp. NKD also sells a stronger CBD shampoo; their Luxury Hair and Body Shampoo in Honey Oak is a 250 ml bottle containing 150 mg of CBD. Similar to the shampoo bars, it contains lots of essential oils to help the hair.

Along with the essential oils, it contains aloe vera leaf extract, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

What Are the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Hair?

When it comes to looking for CBD products, be it online or in-store, you will likely see products labelled CBD oil, and others labelled hemp seed oil. Sometimes they are even right next to each other on a shelf. This can make it challenging if you do not know the difference.

They are different and what contrasts them is very simple. While CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, the hemp seed oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds. CBD is known for its claims that it reduces stress, aches, and pains and improves mood as well as sleep.

As we have also figured out, it could be great for hair and scalp health. On the other hand, hemp seed oil has been coined as a superfood thanks to its excellent nutritional profile. Hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids; however, it does provide tonnes of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil is also a complete protein which means it is packed with all twenty-plus different amino acids that the body requires to make new protein. For these reasons, it can greatly help to improve the condition of your hair and scalp, encouraging healthy hair to grow and minimising hair loss.

Hemp seed oil is said to moisturise the hair and improve hair density thanks to the amino acids and antioxidants it contains. It may also encourage hair growth, thicken hair and prevent water loss in a means to protect it. Hemp seed oil can also revive damaged hair and add shine since it is an oil.

It is very easy to add hemp seed oil into your lifestyle, you can simply add hemp seeds to your diet. Alternatively, you can purchase hemp seed oil when buying your CBD oil. It’s not a matter of which is better necessarily; combining both hemp and CBD could be the perfect solution to healthy hair.

How to Shop For the Right CBD Oil for Hair Growth

When it comes to purchasing CBD oil for hair loss, it is really important to ensure you are purchasing from the right brand. This means a company that has undergone all the required testing and follows the CBD laws in your country. It is getting even more important to do so since all brands seem to be jumping on the CBD bandwagon.

Luckily, there are good, reputable CBD companies out there that ensure their products are safe and tested. In terms of purchasing from a high-quality brand with a good reputation, we would recommend CBD Village. They follow all the UK regulations on CBD and provide their customers with excellent customer service and a diverse range of products.

You can very quickly tell if a company is selling poor quality products and not following regulations if they do not tell you where the product came from or how it was extracted. In addition, if they do not provide their third-party lab test results or show their Certificate of Analysis (COA). Another way to tell is if they make unsubstantiated claims about their products.

The test results and COA will help you to assure the correct THC levels are in the product and that it contains no harmful ingredients. Looking out for these things will help you buy the right products and save money and time.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Research has found very few side effects of CBD oil; however, there are a few, although they are pretty minor. Usually, people will experience side effects due to taking too much CBD oil or not following the instructions.

However, sometimes, a person’s body does not tolerate it well. Below are some of the common side effects of CBD oil:

  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Feeling drowsy
  • Changes to weight or appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhoea

CBD can also interfere with certain medications, usually those with a grapefruit warning label. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor before using CBD oil if you are on any medications.

Key Takeaways on CBD Oil for Hair Loss

The current research on CBD suggests it could prove useful to those experiencing hair loss. It could encourage hair growth by reducing inflammation and discomfort as well as providing moisture to the scalp. In addition, CBD has been said to enhance blood circulation to the scalp, reduce stress levels, and improve sleep.

Although it is unlikely that CBD will treat hair loss, it could certainly help. This is particularly the case when it is accompanied by hemp seed oil. It is packed with nutrients that not only encourage healthy hair to grow but also nourish the scalp and make hair stronger.

Adding CBD and hemp seed oil to your lifestyle couldn’t be easier, thanks to the plethora of products that are available out there. What’s more, adding hemp seeds to your meals will do the job. In saying that, it is essential to ensure you are purchasing products from a reputable brand.

Unfortunately, the CBD market is quite unregulated despite there being regulations in place. This means there are chances of you receiving a poor-quality product that could potentially do more harm than good. You should always research the company and products and look out for the signs we mentioned above to determine whether you should purchase from them.

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