Can CBD Cure Your Hangover?

25th December 2019

Jingle Bells, Jingle bells,
Jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun it was to drink all night,
But now I’m stuck in bed all day.

Christmas is a magical time of the year with family dinners, work parties, and all the other festive fun, but too much celebrating can lead to an excess where one or two turns into a few and all of a sudden you wake up feeling groggy, nauseated and with a thumping headache.

Drinking less and staying hydrated are the best tips to avoid a hangover but as for the rest of us, we need a remedy, not prevention advice. Painkillers and stomach tablets are deadly to our health but now thanks to a wondrous plant we may just have a safer more effective alternative.

What is CBD?

How CBD Oil Can Help

CBD is best known for its ability to stop seizures but scientists believe this may only be the tip of the iceberg. This complex plant has hundreds of unique compounds that offer huge medicinal potential some of which are ideal for relieving the symptoms of that dreaded hangover.

CBD oil can help:

  • Settle Upset Tummies
  • Relieve Headache
  • Stop “The Fear”

Settle Upset tummies

“Ugh. If I can just fall asleep I won’t get sick”. This is something we have all said at some point in our lives as we collapse into bed, close our eyes and see the room spin. Even if we manage to sleep, a bad hangover can bring about nausea all over again the following morning.


Toxin-induced nausea is brought on by the release of the chemical serotonin. CBD has been shown to inhibit serotonin binding to its receptors as well as reducing the amount being produced in the brain thus reducing symptoms such as an upset tummy and retching.

Relieve Headache

Waking up with a pounding, thumping headache will certainly stop you from going back to sleep. Pain killers are simply bad for your organs (ask any pharmacist) whereas CBD is non-toxic and safe. CBD can relieve hangover headaches by inhibiting pain messages.

CBD can reduce neuroinflammation and control serotonin levels in the brain which are known to influence pain through spinal processing of nociceptive information. The end result is no more thumping in your fragile cranium.

Stop “The Fear”

The “I am never drinking ever again” speech is one that has been said by many people over the years and one that will certainly be repeated this Christmas. This uncontrollable fear the next day can be overthinking what you did the night before or worse it can be a genuine dreaded fear of everything. In a nutshell. Anxiety.

CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD has been shown in numerous human clinical trials to have a fantastic anti-anxiety effect and in these studies, compared to placebo, participants reported feeling calmer, less worried about what others thought and generally just felt better.


The wealth of evidence on the potential of CBD should encourage everyone to make the switch and relieve the symptoms of a festive hangover with this natural healthy alternative.

CBD oil can be taken in lots of different ways such as drops under the tongue, gummies and many others with something to suit everyone. If you need fast relief than vaping CBD is best as it results in immediate effects. (There is no nicotine in CBD vape.)

Certain painkillers like paracetamol in high concentrations can attack the liver and others like aspirin may not suit an upset tummy so choose safe. Choose CBD.

Finally, ALWAYS purchase CBD oil that comes with a 3rd party independent analysis so you can be guaranteed quality CBD oil every time.

Happy Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year to you all.

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