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30th August 2018

London-born actor Cameron Cuffe is bringing modern television a hero we all can believe in with his new series Krypton. 

While nearly anyone with even the slightest knowledge of comic books is well-aware of at least the significance of Krypton, these new dynamic storylines are far from familiar and ordinary, with a lasting punch of excitement. Cameron Cuffe spoke with Candid Magazine as we uncover more about this English action star, his commitment to this growing project and he also reveals to us the A-list superhero that he is determined to work with on-screen.

How did you hear about the role of Seg-El, grandfather to Clark Kent/Superman, for the new series Krypton? Also, where were you when you found out that you got the leading role?
It was an interesting process, because when Krypton was announced, I was just a fan. I have always been a fan of comic books. Then a couple weeks later, sure enough, an email appears in my inbox saying I’m up for the lead role. From there, it was a bit of a process. I had a good audition and it was really fun. A couple weeks later, my agent told me that I didn’t get it. A few months later, I was actually in Brooklyn, New York, working on a TV show in America. That’s where I heard I was getting screen tested for the role in LA and I was in LA when I heard I got the part.
Even though technically this is not the Superman role, it still kind of is. So, do you feel any pressure to fill the shoes of iconic actors and performances that came before you, from TV and movies?
It’s both yes and no. I am a fan. I understand that the passion behind it from the fanbase is all about love and this is a character that means so much to so many people. Of course, we feel a responsibility to get it right, but it’s a responsibility that I’m proud to bear. I’m very proud of what we’re doing.
Cameron Cuffe
Why should Superman fans be interested in the ‘prequel'-like tales of Krypton?
Well, we’re not making a prequel. We are doing something that’s a little bit different from anything you’ve seen on television before. We are not afraid to break the rules. There is a political aspect to it, there’s lots of action, there’s romance. We’re very proud that we’re making a comic book show. Everyone on the show loves the mythology but we’re taking it in a new direction and we think that’s really exciting.
You have a lot of action and combat scenes on this new series. What type of training have you done to prepare for this role? Do you do some of your own stunts or do you leave that to the professionals?
I perform as many of my own stunts as possible. Anything that they will let me do, I do. I think in total, there were about three stunts where we had to use a double. Everything else was me. I really enjoy the physical aspect of it.
The first season of Krypton has just started premiering in several parts of the world, but it has already fully aired and become a success in places like the US, where a second season has already been announced. So, in your opinion, what is it about Krypton’s storyline that has and will continue to intrigue new viewers?
I think the thing about it is that we’re doing something different. Fans have really engaged with it and they’re excited about it. We have all these really interesting twists and turns. Above all, the reason why people like it is because this show is not what they expected it to be. We delivered something completely different and that’s the aspect that I’m most proud of.
Superman has always had an American accent. You are an English actor, Cameron, and you and a significant number of your cast get to keep a British accent of sorts in the series. Do you know how that accent decision came about?
I’m not entirely sure, to tell you the truth. I think from the very beginning it was the idea that it's space, so why doesn’t everyone use their own accent? It was a really interesting way to denote cultures within the world of the show.

©Gareth Cattermole/Contour by Getty Images. Grooming by Shukeel Murtaza

Enough about Krypton for now. Let’s talk about Cameron Cuffe for moment. What was it about acting that made this industry seem like the right fit for you?
The thing is I didn’t really think of it as an industry. I just sort of thought this is something that I love. I grew up with movies. I grew up with comic books. I was always the kid to spend a huge amount of time in my imagination. Growing up in natural progression seemed to be to follow that instinct. I just round up always acting. It was always something I wanted to do. I’ve never really wanted to do anything else.
You are a good-looking man with the right haircut and jawline to play a character related to Superman. Before you even got cast for Krypton, did people ever say you have the look for Clark Kent/Superman?
Well thank you for the compliment, first of all. I have a few times and the funny thing is that I wear quite thick-rimmed glasses and I do get the Clark Kent thing a lot.
When you aren’t busy acting, what are hobbies and interests that you love to make time for?
One of the big things is that I’m a fan of the comics, so I spend a lot of time reading comics. Then I also love film, I love sports and I love traveling. It’s a really good way to sort of get out of our head and experience the world and get some perspective.
Beyond Krypton, what are some of your favorite series to watch on television today?
Right now, I’m a movies guy primarily, but one of the things I’m watching is The Vietnam War, which is the Netflix documentary by Ken Burns. I’m utterly fascinated by that. I’m a big history buff.
If you could pick anyone in the acting world today to have a guest role on Krypton, who would it be and what role or character would you have them play?
Oh man! That is so tricky. I just have to come out and say I would love Henry Cavill to come on the show and be our Superman. It’s a time travel show, as people know, and it’s a fully-fledged DC Universe that we’re playing with, so you never know! You may see Superman in the future and I would love it to be Henry Cavill.

Last question! Give me only three words of emotions that you think new viewers will feel while watching Krypton?
I think ‘awe' absolutely, I think ‘shock' and I think ‘wonder'.
Krypton airs Sundays at 9pm on E4. Catch up now on All 4. 
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