Brixtol Textiles x Fuck Cancer

15th December 2018

Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, delves into a Brixtol collaboration with a profound purpose.

Nowadays collabs are standard routine for brands to communicate a message, a trend or values to their target groups and also to find potential new customers.

Brixtol Textiles have, during the years, had many collaborations and this season they are taking the cause further by collaborating with Ung Cancer – Young Cancer, who are behind the initiative Fuck Cancer, a project created to raise awareness around young people suffering from just that.
All profits from the sales are given to the organisation and that surely gets us into the true spirit of Christmas.

Internal embroidery

The collection consists of two jackets in navy and sand colourways, made out of 65% polyester and recycled plastic bottles. The remaining 35% is cotton.
The jackets also have an environmentally-friendly coating and are hence water repellant. The inside of the jacket is embroidered with information about the cancer organisation in order to raise awareness to the cause.

A graphic world

The thought behind the illustrations on the clothing – the eye, the tear and the hand – is made to capture a graphic world which embodies the surrounding feeling and communicates that the organisation exists.

Surveys show that one of the most common feelings a person gets when diagnosed for cancer is the fear of being alone. No one should have to fight cancer alone. Ung Cancer – Young Cancer creates a safety net which catches you before you fall.
Add a contemporary touch with inspiration from street art and pop culture from New York and this is your Christmas collection to go for.

An altruistic collection

Fashion is often thought to be superficial and soulless. The altruism behind this collection is admirable and shows us just the opposite, both when it comes to its environmental aspect as well as the good cause.

The collection is available in a limited edition online on the Brixtol website.
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