British Nostalgia In The Hums Spring Collection

24th April 2019

Hums spring collection is filled with British Nostalgia.

Hums is a collection of all-day slippers that can be worn at any occasion all year around.

The playful look with a stylish and elegant touch is a fashion statement designed in Stockholm and hand crafted in Spain.

British nostalgia rhymes well with our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt's aim to introduce us to more crossbreeds between Scandi fashion and UK elegance, which is why he is telling us the story of Hums.

Playful look with stylish and elegant touch.

Hums was founded in Stockholm 2015 from the insight that there is a need for a more elegant and colourful slippers and sandals.

They are suitable for having both a coffee on the balcony in the morning and entertaining guests in the evening. With that insight in mind, the founders of Hums designed an elegant ‘smoking' slipper combined with incredible comfort.

Suitable for having both a coffee on the balcony in the morning and entertaining guests in the evening.

The slipper was truly transformed into a refreshing style icon when Hums spring collection, filled with British nostalgia, launched.

The new collection is inspired by the maximalistic British style, worn by icons such as the Beatles, Vivienne Westwood and modern creators such as Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

The collection is perfect for chilly spring days and adds a feeling of glamour and playfulness.

Perfect for chilly spring days.

Thinking slippers, one almost always places them, quite unfairly, in the same category as pyjamas, cosy loungewear and a bathrobe.

These slippers are to feel comfy in, without having to dress down and they work for all hours of the day.

The new models are perfect for a breakfast on the terrace, an office meeting or just to give everyday life a pop of colour.

See more of the collection on Hums' homepage.

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