Brian Tyler Live at the Royal Festival Hall

13th May 2016

Brian Tyler Concert
As I sit here at work I’m surrounded by my colleagues, each with our headphones in, knuckling down to deadlines for the afternoon. My desk buddies are listening to something light and acoustic, whereas I’ve tuned into something far more epic: the score to Iron Man 3.
I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love this genre of music. I remember growing up, that my Dad would play the music at the end of a movie on full blast whilst whistling along. So the appreciation of orchestral symphonies of this magnitude grew on me from there on.
I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Brian Tyler conducting his debut concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London, ‘For Stars, Cars and Superheroes’. The Philharmonia Orchestra and Royal Choral Society captivated our emotions, taking us on a journey through his powerful assortment of music, much of which you’ll have heard before, even if you don't know Tyler's name.
Brian has scored a huge array of blockbuster movies, TV series and video games, from multiple Marvel movies, to a string of Fast and Furiouses, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Alongside hearing these performed live to perfection, we were lucky enough to enjoy around a 90-minute medley of all the most epic and impressive, followed by a grand tribute to composer John Williams.
One of the night’s highlights was a performance of ‘Drift and Fall Again’, by Tyler under his Madsonik alter ego. Guest vocalist Vael Shoshana Cohen brought stunning, eerie vocals to the song, which appears on the soundtrack to the recent Kevin Costner thriller Criminal.

“The night was electric, emotional, eclectic, and those are just the E words,” Tyler told Candid. “The orchestra, choir, and audience all brought such a great vibe.”
“I am planning to do more concerts for sure. This concert was such an incredible experience and the interaction with the audience was amazing! We really aimed high for creating a fully immersive cinematic musical experience. We'd love to keep building on that!”
Words by Lisa Coleman

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