Blind Spot: Savour a speakeasy cocktail tea set into the late hours of the evening

13th September 2017

This year St Martins Lane hotel is celebrating its eighteenth anniversary; you wouldn't have guessed the hotel has just reached the legal age of drinking by the slick, post-modern artwork that adorns their lobby from gold teeth-shaped stools to giant, human-sized chess pieces. One of the most secretive parts of the hotel is the Blind Spot bar. In the lobby, you might see the facade of a boutique teashop, but if you speak politely with their resplendent door staff, you will discover that behind a secretive door with a golden hand as a handle, is a wonderland of fine cocktails, light bites and music.

In the evening, Blind Spot has suitably-dim, mood lighting to provide a discreet environment for hotel guests and visitors alike. There are low lying coffee tables and plush, lux seating for those who want to party the night away. Curiously, they do have a mirrored ceiling for those who like to check their looks from all angles.

The launch of the Speakeasy cocktail tea is a smart move on the part of the hotel to increase revenues; they are essentially extending the afternoon tea idea well into the late hours of the night. It is available Sunday through Thursday and has a range of savoury and sweet items as well as three tea-based mini-cocktails.

For the time of the day, I would have preferred more savoury than sweet items, but choices like spinach and feta feuilleté and mini quiche lorraine were very much welcomed. The former was a rich combination of spinach and feta wrapped in a crispy, golden filo pastry, whilst the latter was presented petite-sized, so the fashion crowd doesn’t need to worry about its waistlines. Crayfish and mango brioche bun did taste marginally dry and could have done with as sturdy sauce like a Marie Rose sauce.

They had some excellent macaroon flavours including passion fruit passõa and sake and yuzu. You do wonder why they haven't a macaroon shop in their spacious lobby yet. Dulce panna cotta, blackberry compote, Chambord was luscious and creamy tasting; although by the time I reached the chocolate Bailey's cake, praline, coffee liqueur, I could barely taste the alcohol in the cake as virtually all their sweet items contained alcohol and I had already sipped on their three cocktail offerings.

In keeping with the theme of Blind Spot, which incorporates flavours influenced by the British Empire and its ancient tea trade, the three cocktails offered all have a strong tea influence. Giggle Water was summery-tasting with gin, rosé champagne, tea and peach syrup, whilst Have the Bee’s was exoticism in a glass with Bacardi Carta d’oro rum and spicy pineapple mix with Darjeeling syrup.
For those busy Londoners that adore afternoon teas but never finish their hectic schedules before 6:00pm, now they have the option of considering the Speakeasy Cocktail Tea at Blind Spot.
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