Björn Borg SS15 Collection x Call of Love

1st February 2015

With gaming now being so hyper-realistic with the advancements in computer graphics continuing to blur the lines between real life and Xbox Live, it wasn’t long before the fashion world started doing away with us mere mortals in order to sell its wares.

Björn Borg, the Swedish sports fashion brand, has instructed a collision of the gaming and fashion worlds by launching its spring/summer 2015 collection via an online game – First Person Lover. A take on the classic first person shooter games, the only call of duty here is the duty of love. Gamers are invited to equip their protagonist with their favourite spring/summer look and launch them into a fictitious world where they fight the forces of evil with the power of love. Equipped with a love glove, enemies are defeated with hologram kiss blowers, flower petal throwers or rainbow casters made from pink gold, white leather and acrylic glass for the ultimate style experience. If only this was the inspiration for copycat crimes!

Throughout the game – and indeed the end purpose of the game – a new platform for e-commerce is introduced: in-game shopping. The impressive activewear offering is available through the interactive First Person Lover experience, which allows you to buy it and bring it back to real life too. We’ve tried it, both online and in real life, but a run along the Thames is much less fun without being able to fire a hologram from your gloves.
“It has been extraordinarily fun to see the collection come to life in 3D and having avatars wearing it” says James Lee, head designer at Björn Borg. “The game has taken my vision of fictional worlds to a whole new level. I might be the first designer ever that has his collection bought through a game.”
The game is free of charge and available to play now at

fpl_ss15_1 fpl_ss15_2 fpl_ss15_3 fpl_ss15_4 fpl_ss15_5
Mikael Jack

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