Best CBD Oils for 2022 – It’s Your Choice

24th May 2021

Getting a recommendation from a friend is always great. Whether that’s the perfect place for coffee, the latest binge-watch, or the ultimate yoga mat. But when you’re looking for a CBD oil, finding the best oil for you and your needs should be a little more personal. To help you make up your mind, here are some of the best UK CBD oils from the best companies in 2022.

What to Look For in a CBD Oil

Choosing a particular product depends on your reason for trying it. Many people say CBD oil helps them deal with everyday aches and pains or sporting injuries, while research suggests it can promote and support a healthy night’s sleep. CBD oil also features ways to alleviate the stresses of daily life and to flick that ‘off switch’ when you want to relax.

Some oils will claim to be better for certain issues while others will contain added natural ingredients like herbs or botanicals that have traditionally been used in healing and wellness remedies. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a CBD oil for you.

Canndid CBD Tincture

A good place to start your CBD oil journey is with this favourite. It’s a tincture (the oil is carried in another liquid) and is easy to drop under your tongue. Once there, it is absorbed through the mouth and gets to work.

It comes in a range of strengths – 250 mg, 1000 mg and 1500 mg. We recommend starting with a low dose if you’re new to CBD oil. This is a berry-flavoured tincture, so none of the taste turn-offs you might get with other products.

It’s easy to use and you can get 240 drops from the 10 ml bottle. At just £14.99 it’s a great starter price too.

Immuno Leaf 500 mg CBD Premium Organic Hemp Seed Oil

If you’re experiencing some form of physical strain, or feel your brain is constantly in fifth gear, this might be a good CBD product for you. As well as helping you deal with aching muscles or underlying pain, this oil may offer some freedom from daily worries. Thus, allowing you to focus on what’s important in life.

To complement the oil, it includes three omega supplements, which are well known to promote healthy joints and mobility. This is a natural organic oil, which you’d expect from Immuno Leaf, as they are a company that cares about the purity and quality of their products. It’s available in various strengths so you can find the right one for you.

This quality CBD oil supports a higher entry price for a trusted brand.

DR. Earth 2000 mg CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

When you know what you want, why not go for quality, and this CBD oil from DR. Earth is certainly a quality product. Sourced from European hemp, this oil is extracted from the plant using CO2. It's a gentle process that protects all the essential plant molecules from damage. Being a broad spectrum CBD oil it contains a range of compounds from the hemp plant but is THC-free.

This is a relatively high dosage and DR. Earth also offers a 1500 mg dosage in a 10 ml bottle. Again, if this is your first venture into the world of CBD oil, go for a lower dosage before trying anything stronger. Also, note any recommendations of the maximum drops to use in one day. As with all quality CBD oils, it may be a useful addition to your existing wellbeing practices.

New Era CBD Oil 300 mg

If you’re all about the taste and want to shake it up a bit, how about this fun option? This oil from New Era Wellness is available in five fruity flavours – banana, coconut, vanilla, strawberry and original. The great thing here is it has a value price of £16.99 for a 30 ml bottle. Therefore, you can get a few and change your flavour whenever you like.

These CBD oils are organic and use only natural flavourings. With a different flavour to get you through each working day, you can really liven up your daily CBD routine.

Huna Labs 1200 mg CBD Tincture Oil

Another tincture, this time with the CBD carried in coconut oil. This CBD oil from Huna Labs differs from the first suggestion, being a higher strength with a higher price to match, but it’s definitely one to consider. This 10 ml bottle of 100% natural and pure ingredients is a product to lean on when you need a bit of support.

Leave a couple of drops under your tongue for a minute, up to three times a day, to speed that goodness into your body. If you think you need something a bit lighter then Huna Labs also offer a gentle 600 mg CBD option at nearly half the price.

CBD ECO Multivitamin CBD Tincture 500 mg

Caring about your health is really important to you. But does it mean your cupboards are crammed to bursting with bottles and packets of health supplements? Then clear out some shelf and headspace with this multivitamin CBD oil combo from CBD ECO.

With 500 mg of CBD oil, you’ll feel all the usual benefits, but this product also contains your daily dose of –

  • Omega
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • and the one we know we should be taking but aren’t — Turmeric.

This broad-spectrum, vitamin-enriched product comes from natural hemp and is suitable for vegans.

It’s also a larger than usual 30 ml bottle and surprisingly good value. So if you want to simplify your life with quality CBD oil boosted with the benefits of multivitamins that also offers value for money, this may be the best CBD oil going.

CBD Performance 1200 mg CBD Night Spray Oil

So far we’ve focused on CBD oils taken from a dropper under the tongue, but there are other ways to take the oil and experience the same benefits. Also, taking drops can be a bit more obvious so a quick spray can be done on the go and it’s so easy. Sprays are often a diluted form of CBD oil but that doesn’t make them less potent, just easier to form a fine mist.

They can be used on the skin or taken orally and the oral sprays are more likely to be flavoured. This night spray from CBD Performance is made with broad-spectrum oil. It can help you get ready for a good night’s sleep and is easily absorbed through the skin or the mouth.

This spray oil isn’t cheap, but the 30 ml bottle provides you with up to 240 sprays, so it could last for months. If you prefer to take this orally, a peppermint option is also available. It’s a vegan-friendly product too, so you can sleep easy. Keep this handy by the bed and it can become part of your regular switching off routine.

Poko Luxury Facial Oil

Taking a good quality CBD oil in the form of drops, tincture or spray is a great way to support your wellness journey and help promote a sense of ease in a busy life. But these need to be taken a few times a day, and maybe that’s one more thing to remember in your already too full day. An alternative is to look at skincare and try a facial oil that you apply as part of your morning or bedtime routine.

This luxury botanical facial oil from Poko is a quality product designed to moisturise, hydrate and fight signs of ageing. At the same time, it delivers skin-loving omega fatty acids plus vitamins A, D, E and even F – who knew about that one? Promoting plumpness and softness, this really is a treat to consider as an everyday essential.

This 30 ml bottle delivers 300 mg of CBD oil. It’s suitable for normal or dry skin and the active ingredients can help to alleviate blemishes, redness or a dull skin tone. It’s alcohol and cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

The Choice Is Yours

So now you know that introducing a high-quality CBD oil product into your life isn’t just about taking drops of oil that maybe don’t taste great. Sure, if it's right for you, choose a pure CBD oil that has nothing else added. But if you want a lighter option, maybe in the form of a tincture, perhaps with flavourings, or a product with added vitamins or herbs, there are always more to discover.

If you prefer not to take your dropper out on the bus or in the office, risking spillages and funny looks, go for a spray that gets to work quickly and tastes minty fresh. They are becoming very popular. But if you want to keep your CBD oil strictly personal, try a night spray or facial oil.

These are just a few recommendations. Finding the best CBD oil for you is ultimately a personal decision. Knowing your options and deciding from a selected offering of quality products can make that choice a bit easier.

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