Beau Homme SS19 Pays Tribute To Constructivism

4th October 2018

Beau Homme SS19 – another tribute to art history in a collection inspired by Constructivism.

You might have noticed that the current AW18 Beau Homme collection is an homage to Dadaism. Having a BA art history, our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt is excited to see that yet another of his favourite art movements, Constructivism, is the focus for the Beau Homme SS19 collection named Forms of Being.
Beau Homme SS19
Constructivism strove to replace the predominant concern for composition with one of ‘construction'. The object is broken down, reduced and then reassembled to create revolutionary new works.
Static viewpoints and traditional perspectives are radically vitalised through a new Constructivist intent on the expansion of the pictorial perception.
Beau Homme SS19
Through the design and application of overlapping and intersecting shapes, the Beau Homme SS19 collection emulates the frantic energy of tension apparent in the work of the leading Constructivists.

The standard menswear wardrobe has been investigated, dissected and reconstructed to articulate the dynamic energy potential latent in the perception of all things.
Beau Homme SS19
Beau Homme is powered by design duo Justin Mansfield and George Bunker. Their curiosity of garment construction and drive to establish a distinctive contemporary menswear aesthetic emulates the frenetic energy of tension apparent in the work of the leading Constructivists.
The pair have teamed their own creative perception with the Constructivist approach to form a carefully constructed collection that forces us to rethink traditional menswear. Beau Homme has been worn by a plethora of celebrities from Wretch 32, Years & Years and The Vamps.

Photographer: Cy Karrat, Stylist: Becky Seagere , Grooming and Hair: Famida Pathan, Model: Yannick Abrath
Read our feature about Beau Homme's AW18 collection paying a tribute to Dadaism, here.

Check out the Beau Homme SS19 collection on their website.

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