Art of Patrón Returns For Day Of The Dead Celebrations, Mayfair

1st November 2018

Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead to you and me begins this Friday 2nd November and Mexico's most storied tequila maker, Patrón puts on their infamous Art of Patrón party. 

With an immersive and colourful journey of discovery into Mexican heritage. Day of the Dead is a celebration of life, remembering the dead and honouring ancesters with love and respect.

In the heart of Mayfair, UNIT London will be hosting the event where you can expect:

  • Day of the Dead inspired Patrón cocktails (you get three included in your £15 ticket) including the El Diablo (Patrón Silver tequila, lime, ginger beer and Crème de Cassis); the Boxcart (Patrón Reposado tequila, Patrón Citrónge Orange liqueur and lemon); and the delightful sounding Sweetcorn Old Fashioned, with Patrón Añejo tequila, caramel sweetcorn syrup & bitters.
  • Experiential cocktail masterclasses every hour (again, included in your ticket) to teach you how to make those cocktails at home.
  • A pro makeup station manned by acclaimed make-up artists The Gypsy Shrine, who will be on hand to transform your face into a scarily good La Catrina-style skull.
  • Live art installations by Mexican artist Pablo Angel Lugo Martinez (who has exhibited public art everywhere from the US to France), who’ll be there to perform and talk you through the new, exclusive works he’s made for the evening.
  • Decks manned by all night by London DJ Tasty Lopez, whose Mexican heritage and a specialist knowledge of Latin beats will take you through the evening with “a wild mix of electronic, bounce, house, funk, soul and nostalgia”.

Be sure to grab your tickets as they're selling out quicker than you can say, margarita!

WHEN: Friday 2nd November 2018, 19:00-23:30
WHERE: The UNIT London, 3 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London W1S 1HD
TICKETS: £15 includes x3 complimentary cocktails and masterclass, see here for more details
If you're unlucky enough to miss out on tickets to this one-night event, have no fear. We've compiled the best Patrón cocktails so you can get into the spirit too from the comfort of your home.
Day of The Dead Cocktails: 
El Díablo
50 ml Patrón Silver tequila
25 ml Fresh lime juice
150 ml Ginger beer
10ml Crème de Cassis
Lime wedge for garnish
1. Combine all ingredients except ginger beer
in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill.
2. Strain onto fresh ice in a Collins glass.
3. Top with ginger beer and drizzle Cassis over
the top.
4. Garnish with a lime wedge.

50ml Patrón Reposado tequila
5ml Patrón Citrónge Orange liqueur
20ml Lemon juice
5ml Sugar syrup
Orange twirl for garnish
Sugar rim
. Add all ingredients to a shaker.
2. Shake over ice.
3. Strain into glass.

Panteon Margarita
50ml Patrón Silver tequila
15ml Patrón Citrónge Orange liqueur
20ml Cenpazuchil syrup (or Vanilla syrup)
15ml Lemon
Garnish with dehydrated blood orange wheel
1. Add all ingredients to shaker, shake and strain
into a glass

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