Armine Ohanyan: London-bound

4th May 2017

Armine Ohanyan is coming to London from Paris via Armenia via Vancouver.
Only a couple of menswear publications from Europe were invited to Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) in March: Fucking Young! and Candid Magazine. It was quite an honour and it was on the Vancouver Fashion Week runway that we fell for Armine Ohanyan’s futuristic fashion.
White was the predominant colour with flits of textural origami, gradient transparencies and undulating elements manipulated to perfection via Ohanyan’s plastic arts background.

A clear VFW favourite ­– made known by the audience’s (a mix of trade and consumers) very audible murmurings, we wanted to share Ohanyan with the United Kingdom, and not just here on our digital platform, but IRL. We’ve invited the label to come to the Grooming Room ­– the media and influencer hang out that we’re the media partner of over London Fashion Week Men’s.

Ohanyan’s vision will captivate guests just as it did everyone at VFW. An artist and a designer, the intersection of both mediums is an explosive success. And it’s not just front rows that are turning their heads to Armine Ohanyan, she won first prize at Paris’s E.Fashion Awards last year– future-oriented competition that honours of the fashion creators of tomorrow.

Her journey in design began eleven years ago in Armenia at the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts; she followed that up with a Master’s Degree, spending a semester in France at the Lyon Academy of Fine Arts, focusing on textile design. She went on to do patternmaking at a design house in Switzerland and to cap it off, moved to Paris in 2014 to train at Mode Estah.

What drew Armine into fashion? “This is a kind of way for me to show people who I am, where I come from and where I want to go. I lived in a world completely removed from the ordinary. Through design, I want to share my life story, my past, my creative thirst. I want to come out of the shadows and become immersed in design by putting my own signature stamp on it.”

Armine Ohanyan will be exhibiting at the Grooming Room at Century Club over London Fashion Week Men’s on the 11th and 12th of June. For more details, email: [email protected]
“Movement is infinite; it’s never ending; it’s dynamic; it changes everything in life.” – Armine Ohanyan

All photographs by Dale Rollings at Vancouver Fashion Week

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