AlphaTauri SS19

31st March 2019

AlphaTauri, the fashion brand founded by Red Bull, has unveiled its SS19 collection with a campaign called People Of The New Sun. Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, shares his views on the collection with us.

Thinking Red Bull, one might be a bit sceptical towards what they are able to pursue in fashion. On the other hand, we're already wearing jumpers with huge Pepsi logos, not to mention all other somewhat-unexpected consumer brand logos (think DHL), which sprung out from nowhere in this still-frenetic logomania.

Let's get one thing straight, this is none of that. This is a collection standing on its own feet, actually waving a flag of fashion that is refreshing to see.

Reflecting the core values of the brand People of the New Sun takes the viewer on a journey, a film if you will, through an AlphaTauri metropolis where the sun shines with a new brightness.

Here, the film showcases a world where metropolitan explorers respond to a world with a new climate, empowered to try more, whatever the conditions.

Inventive features within the collection.

Reflective of the inventive features within the collection, the film showcases a world welcoming change with the explorers moving with pace and optimism, all while displaying the SS19 offering; the fusion of lightness, wearability and aspirational design.

Water-repellent summer parka.

Within the campaign, hero products from the collection are displayed with a focus on the range of premium outerwear including the water-repellent summer parka with an integrated packable system and taped seams.

A colour palette with nuances of grey and beige.

Taking inspiration from both the urban and natural landscape, the colour palette of the collection displays nuances of grey and beige renewed against energetic blue shades.

A new way in fashion.

AlphaTauri was founded in 2016 by Red Bull and is creating a new way in fashion, driven by purpose and innovation and enriching both body and mind.

Their clothing blends considered design and luxurious materials with proprietary textile innovations, empowering people to navigate their everyday worlds in style.

I don't want to succumb to saying “AlphaTauri gives you wings”, but I'm glad Red Bull has set their foot in fashion.

See the full collection on the AlphaTauri website.

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