How a Luxury Sneaker is Made

27th February 2019

Alma de Ace, the London streetwear brand which we wrote about not so long ago, has released its first sneaker capsule. The minimal, yet upscale design creates a timeless classic for everyone to wear.

Alma de Ace is delivering the retro colours to 2019 with these handmade gems of the sneaker world and our sneakerhead Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, is excited to guide you through the process of how a sneaker is made, while introducing the new shoes.

By dropping two new low-top cut court classic retro sneakers; White Original Sneakers and Black Suede Original Sneakers, Alma de Ace are not only adding footwear to their collection, but also joining a family of handcrafting producers of something beautiful.

The Originals sneakers are timeless, designed to mix up everyday transitional style. The teal and burgundy stripes on the back panel set Alma’s trademark identity on premium sourced materials. This is a limited edition capsule, in an exclusive drop, but we hope it won't stop here.

Every detail is looked upon with utmost care.

Alma de Ace is a direct-to-consumer brand, supplying its growing fan base with limited edition capsules of high quality, well-designed streetwear.

For his debut sneaker, Sebastian Agace, founder of Alma de Ace, wanted to create high quality trainers using old school shoemaking, priced at a fraction of the price compared to other luxury competitors.

While most shoe manufacturers work with retailers and do seasonal drops, resulting in a markup of the price. Alma cuts out the middleman. Each pair is reasonably priced at £135 – a true reflection of the craftsmanship and process that has gone into every pair.

Hand stitched and crafted using a premium matte texture, Italian white leather.

The sneakers are handcrafted in the small Portugese city of Guimarães by a dedicated team of forty and pieced together over fifty separate stages. Each sneaker is hand stitched and crafted using a premium matte texture, Italian white leather and silky black suede.

The Alma de Ace badge is gold pressed onto the heal above the signature teal and burgundy back stripe
Careful sowing of the leather together with a natural rubber sole.

To finish, the leather and suede are then carefully sewn together with a natural rubber sole, locally sourced from Portugal. Its founder Sebastian Agace, wanted to avoid making his sneakers with an inflated retail price.

The final product.

I'll let the words of founder, Sebastian Agace, sum it up: “Our new Original Sneakers stays true to what Alma represents. Retro inspired and designed for everyday use. With the White Leather and Black Suede originals I wanted to take this a step further and create handcrafted classic sneakers, that are priced a fraction of other luxury models but have the same quality. We want to show people the workmanship and process that has gone into the sneaker too!”

To cop a pair for yourself, head over to the Alma de Ace website.

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