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Gymbox Cannabliss – The Workout Class with CBD

CBD oil has taken the UK by storm and is now infused in all manner of things from food & drinks to luxury skincare products …


What You Need to Know About Hemp Protein

The Hemp plant is simply quite extraordinary. It provides us with thousands of practical uses from food, shelter, medicine, fuel and so much more. Most …

Weightloss CBD

Losing Weight Causing You Anxiety? Try CBD to Help You During the Process

We all want to look good and with Christmas party season looming there is even more pressure to look our best. Losing weight takes time …

CBD Protein Bar

How to Make CBD Infused Protein Bars

Protein bars are a convenient source of much-needed post-workout nutrition but with a lot of unrecognisable ingredients in most commercial products, should you consider making …

CBD Diet

How CBD in Your Diet Can Help You Shed that Extra Weight

Atkins, Keto, Paleo, you name it and I’ve tried it. The number of different diets I’ve tried is topped only by the number of diet …

CBD Workout

Is It Better to Take CBD Before or After a Workout?

CBD is fast becoming a staple of gym bags across the UK as more and more people use it to treat the delayed onset of …


CBD: Is It Better Before or After Sex?

For people who experience performance anxiety, stress or pain during sex, a CBD-infused enhancer could be beneficial. According to modern research; scientists and medical experts …

What is Intuitive Eating

What is Intuitive Eating? The Revolutionary “Anti-Diet” Diet

While the body positive movement has gained serious momentum over the last few years along with the resurgence of feminism, all you need to do …

Why CBD & Menopause is Such a Good fit

Interesting fact……..Queen Victoria herself used to eat hash cakes to ease menstrual cramps! CBD-derived products have always benefited women but now the biggest demographic for …

Can CBD Relieve Psoriasis Symptoms?

Kim Kardashian has been one of the most vocal advocates for people suffering from psoriasis and has regularly detailed her struggles with the skin condition …

CBD Workout

Can CBD Improve Your Stamina?

CBD is the supplement of the millenium it seems. Incorporated into workout routines and health regimens, CBD is literally everywhere you turn. But what can …

How CBD can Improve your Sex Life

A recent survey of over 1,000 people showed that those who used CBD noticed a significant improvement in their sex life. While the survey conducted …


Sorry, we couldn't find any posts. Please try a different search.

Sorry, we couldn't find any posts. Please try a different search.

Sorry, we couldn't find any posts. Please try a different search.

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