A Candid Interview with Entrepreneur and Presenter Will Best

19th February 2016

Will Best
Lucky us. We had the great pleasure of meeting up with the charming and outrageously funny, Will Best. The entrepreneur and presenter is the one making you laugh with his mates on Trending Live and he will be on Airmageddon starting tomorrow. We also got the low down on his very clever music app, audiosplitter. Read on.
What interested you primarily to get involved with Airmageddon
The ambition and scale of it. It's an absolutely huge show, with a vast crew and the biggest studio I've ever seen (it's actually one of the largest aircraft hangers in the world). We shot with over 100 cameras. Plus they promised me flamethrowers, lazers, explosions and crashes, and I was quite surprised to find that clearly I'm still just a teenage boy inside because that sealed the deal. Oh and the money. 
Can you tell us a bit about Trending Live? Looks like you have a real laugh! What’s been the best moment so far? 
I absolutely love doing Trending Live! It's basically just a bunch of mates in a room talking nonsense about pop stars. I still can't quite believe they let us do it. My favourite moments are when we completely lose the plot laughing, which happens a lot. Usually when one of us accidentally drops a wildly inappropriate innuendo. It's lowest common denominator stuff, but when you're live it's surprisingly amusing.
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You also launched your own music-sharing site, audiosplitter.fm, how did that come about and how’s it different to everything else out there? 
I did! In fact I still am – it's up and running now (so feel to check it out at audiosplitter.fm *shameless plug*), and we're going big on launch activities in the coming months. We started audiosplitter because as underground music fans we weren't satisfied with the status quo when it came to consuming and sharing music online. The major catalogue services are led (primarily) by top down recommendations and host vast catalogues that are only accessible by the user knowing what they want to find, or by accepting the recommendations from the company. audiosplitter is fundamentally different because it provides a platform for music lovers to share their favourite discoveries (‘bottom-up' rather than ‘top-down' recommendations), and develop their musical personality together with people who share their taste. It also recognises that young people interact with music in many forms, and so provides a way to connect these fragmented sources.
Back in October you presented a really great experiment called ‘Is This Rape?’ What was the reaction to that? Must be great being a part of a thought-provoking TV programme like that? 
The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. It was a risky project, purely because of how contentious the topic is, but that just showed how important the show was. For me, the best thing about it was hearing what the young contributors on the show really thought. They were a really impressive group, and I think they showed how sensitive, and sensible, young people really are when it comes to sex. Afterwards some people on Twitter and in the press tried to claim otherwise, but those people are clearly very misinformed.
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You’ve gotten involved with a various genres of presenting including music, film and social issues as well as being a DJ and comedy writer. What’s been your favourite? 
I couldn't pick one. I never set out to be a presenter just for the sake of presenting or being on telly – I just wanted to work in music and comedy, and have fun doing it, which I've been really lucky to do. As I'm getting older though, the more serious stuff appeals more and more. I do want to go post-watershed soon though. Most of the jokes that pop into my head aren't suitable for an interview with Little Mix, and I do feel like it's only a matter of time before I say something on Trending Live that gets me fired. The c-bomb could go off at any moment.
What projects have you got coming up? 
I've been working on a show about art called, imaginatively, The Art Show (those creative types, eh?). It's a biggie, and it will be out in the summer. There's also lots more fun stuff coming up with 4Music (Brits coverage next week, which will be fun/debauched), lots more shooting abroad, festival coverage in the summer, and of course, audiosplitter will be taking off biiiiiiiiiig time. Did I mention you should check it out?
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Airmaggdeon will run over 6 weeks on CBBC.
Words by Rose Stewart

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