A Candid Guide To Old Fashioned Week

8th November 2018

Old Fashioned Week has arrived, and we have created the perfect guide to enjoying this classic serve across London or from the comfort of your home.

The name refers most commonly to the glassware from which it served, old fashioned. Making an Old Fashioned is quite straight forward, combine whisky, sugar and bitters before stirring over ice and garnishing with a simple orange twist.

Iron Stag meets Monkey Shoulder   

This week Iron Stag, the latest bar from Chef Adam Handling, and Monkey Shoulder whisky shake things up in celebration of Old Fashioned Week.

Monkey Business uses caramelised banana juice, a touch of aromatic fortified wine and Monkey Shoulder to create this cheeky play on the Old Fashioned. And sweet lovers will rejoice – after creating the caramelised banana juice, the leftover banana mash is utilised to make banana bread – served up as a sweet garnish with Monkey Business.

Where: Monkey Business is available at Iron Stag, 45-47 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PD, exclusively during Old Fashioned Week during 1st – 10th November. Also available at Eve Bar, 34 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HF.

Blakes Below 

With interiors designed by the legendary Anouska Hemple, sip their serve at Blakes late night cocktail bar, Blakes Below.

Where: 33 Roland Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 3PF

Wild Turkey 101 At Scout 

Created by European Bartender of the Year 2018, Matt Whiley – aka The Talented Mr Fox, using Wild Turkey 101. Available at Scout, recently voted 28th in The Worlds 50 Best Bars 2018 and available throughout November.

Where: Scout, 224 Graham Rd, London E8 1BP

If you want to make this home, it's easier than you might think, see below:

Rainy Autumn Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned by Matt Whiley


45ml Wild Turkey

5ml Jerusalem artichoke infused Wild Turkey 101*

5ml sugar syrup

2.5ml coffee liqueur

*To those who don’t know how, making a traditional Old Fashioned can seem like an impossible ask but it is easily mastered with a few simple steps. Just like the Old Fashioned, an infusion sounds tricky, but it isn’t. You just take some Wild Turkey 101 and some Jerusalem artichoke. Add the artichoke to the Wild Turkey for a short while. Congratulations, you’ve just infused!


  1. Take a 45ml measure of Wild Turkey and add 5ml of Jerusalem artichoke infused Wild Turkey 101. Next it’s the turn of the sugar syrup (5ml) and the coffee liqueur (2.5ml).
  2. Then? Just stir and pour over a block of ice.
  3. And drink.

Oriole Meets Woodford Reserve

From the people behind the hugely successful Nighjar, enters Oriole where you can enjoy their take on an Old Fashioned.

Where: Oriole, Poultry Avenue, EC1A 9LH

Three Sheets Meets Woodford Reserve 

A neighbourhood bar located in Dalston has concocted an usual twist on the classic serve, the milk and Old Fashioned.

Three Sheets infuse Woodford Reserve with Earl Grey, then add the infused whisky to full fat milk. The phenols in the oak aged Woodford and the tannins in the earl grey tea split, or curdle. During the splitting process the milk curdles attach themselves to any sediment in the whisky and tea to clarify the liquid.

The curdles are strained added to  un-washed Woodford Reserve to return the characteristics of the whiskey. For the drink itself they stir down the milk washed whiskey with some sugar and bitters in the traditional old fashioned serve style. The garnish of lemon oils and cedar wood spray over the top of the drink helps to lighten the whole cocktail

Where: Three Sheets, 510b Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AB

To make a classic Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned at home;


50ml Woodford Reserve

15ml sugar syrup

3 dashes of angostura bitters


  1.  Add the sugar syrup to the glass with the bitters.
  2.  Add roughly 1/3 of the Woodford Reserve with 3 ice cubes and stir.
  3. Keep repeating until the Woodford Reserve is finished.
  4. Garnish with an orange twist, cherry and serve.

Starward Turns To The Bottle

If still hung up on making an Old Fashioned, have no fear. A modern take on the venerable classic whisky cocktail, Starward have made a bottled mix which is easy to serve and delicious to drink. Each bottle serves 10, and available from Whisky Exchange, 500ml RRP £30.75.

For more information on Old Fashioned Week, see here.

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