5 Best Marijuana Moments in Movies

28th January 2020

Marijuana has always held a place in Hollywood movies. As legalisation slowly creeps across the globe we’re expecting to see it crop up even more in the near future. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the most memorable moments in marijuana movie history that we think you’ll love as much as we do.

The Big Lebowski Car Crash Scene

You might not immediately associate The Big Lebowski with weed because he’s almost always got a White Russian in his hand, but there’s no denying that The Dude’s wardrobe (generously speaking) gives a certain impression. In our favourite scene The Dude driving his car, drinking beer and smoking a joint. While listening to Creedence Clearwater he notices a car following him in his rearview mirror. He hastily flicks his roach out the window only for it to bounce off the unopened window and land in his crotch. Burning now, The Dude frantically tries to put it out with his hand, then starts spilling his beer on it. Distracted, he narrowly avoids hitting a truck, only to end up crashing into a dumpster.

Pineapple Express – The Bees Knees Scene

One of the most adored weed movies ever made, Pineapple Express has an amazing opening scene. In an alternate history, we’re shown why weed was outlawed in the first place. Private Miller (Bill Hader) is on an army base and has been chosen to smoke weed so that the establishment can understand what effects it may have. The result; Private Miller performs an admirable jazz solo with his mouth, complains about a lack of woman in the army and express his love for weed, concluding – “Get it out, shout it from the rooftops. This is great. It’s the bee’s knees out of nine.” Unfortunately, Private Miller’s experience leads the army to declare weed illegal and “dispose” of Private Miller.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle – Big Bag of Weed Scene

For us, the first Harold & Kumar reigns as the number one weed movie of all time. There are dozens of scenes we could have chosen, but one, in particular, has been cemented into the minds of a generation. It features Kumar rescuing Harold from a police station only to find a humongous bag of confiscated weed. We’re then treated to the story of Kumar and his relationship with this massive bag of weed that has suddenly grown spindly green arms and found a dressing gown. What follows are are the hilarious highs and difficult lows of a disjointed relationship. Puns intended.

Up in Smoke – Joint in Car Scene

Cheech & Chong are the Godfathers of stoner movies. These stoned icons epitomise the revival of weed. As the two are driving together, Chong pulls out the biggest joint the world had ever seen. Between tokes and after getting completely stoned, Cheech asks Chong what type of weed it is. The conversation is as memorable as the film.
Cheech: “What’s in it man”
Chong: “Mostly Maui Waui man. But its got some Labrador in it”.
Cheech: “What’s Labrador?”
Chong: “Its dog shit.”

Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Classroom Scene

One of the undisputed greats, Fast Times at Ridgemont High features a cast of some of the biggest and most well known Hollywood actors in their youth. Our favourite scene is when Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) meets the extremely strict teacher Mr Hand. After arriving to school late and tumbling out of his friend’s camper van, Spicoli waits outside Mr Hand’s classroom until Hand opens the door for him. After an apology for being late and explaining that his new class schedule is confusing him, Spicoli thinks all is well. Then Mr Hand rips up his class schedule and tells him to go to the front office. Spicoli elegantly expresses himself by shouting “You DICK!” before leaving. It’s a classic stoner vs authority scene and we love it.

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