’47 Metres Down’ review: a girls holiday gone wrong

1st August 2017

No way out. No way up. Get ready to take a trip 47 Metres Down with Mandy Moore’s return to the big screen in the unexpected thrill-ride of the Summer.

While getting over a recent break up Lisa (Mandy Moore) enjoys a blissful holiday in Mexico with her sister Kate (Claire Holt). When locals offer the girls to go cage diving with great white sharks, a hesitant Lisa is persuaded by carefree Kate that this excitement is exactly what she needs… Take a guess at what happens next? Once lowered into the water the cage wire snaps and the girls are plummeted 47 Metres Down to the seabed.

Better than your average shark film or summer thriller, the film has its faults, the script is a little lacking and could have been developed further but what’s missing here is made up for in the films intensity. The majority of the film is spent underwater and this is where 47 Metres Down hits its stride. As an audience we are trapped underwater with Lisa & Kate and rooting for them to make it to safety before their oxygen runs out. Or they get eaten alive.

In what is essentially a two-hander, our leading ladies certainly make a splash with stellar performances, especially given the restrictions being underwater for the most part. The film provides TV star Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals) with her first big film and is a welcome return to big screen for Mandy Moore; the former late-90s bubble-gum popstar with her hit single Candy that matured into an indie-folk singer and has a varied body of work as an actress; from romantic lead in A Walk To Remember to mean girl in the hilarious indie-comedy Saved! and Disney princess as the voice of Rapunzel in Tangled, she’s currently having a major career resurgence with her Golden Globe nominated role on the mega-hit TV show This Is Us.
47 Metres Down is a girls holiday gone wrong. An underwater survival thriller with the fun of a B-movie grounded in a cinematic aesthetic. The most intense, fun, thrill ride you’ll have at the cinema this year, laughing one minute and gasping the next.
Grab some friends (or a date – it’ll be one hell of an ice breaker), a large glass of wine and enjoy!
47 Metres Down is in cinemas from Wednesday 26th July.
Words by Joel Babbington

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