30 Years In The Making And Still Delivering, Kensington Place

15th January 2018

Kensington Place an iconic institution still standing strong after 30 years of excellence!
Restaurants do not survive 30 years of business in the cut-throat world of the London dining scene without doing something right. At Kensington Place, they've been satisfying locals with their deliciously fresh seafood delivered straight from Billingsgate market on a daily basis. It is a modern-day brasserie that isn't about ostentatious presentation or extravagant ingredients, but it is about high-quality seafood served without fuss or pretension.

No doubt, they've had some form of renovations throughout the years; but the current incarnation is a bright, airy affair. The chessboard patterned floor stands out as well as the high ceiling and the various marine motifs dotted throughout the venue.

Seafood is the name of the game here and it doesn't disappoint whether you are imbibing on the finest Champagne with half a dozen Colchester oysters or dining on a healthy portion of yellow fin tuna tartare. The former had a distinctively saline taste that pairs particularly well with a sparkling aperitif.Whilst the latter had an exciting array of textures from the smoothness of the tuna to the crunch of the apples and radish.

For the main course, it was a choice of the best of British seafood. I opted for the Cornish monkfish tail and you might be surprised at how meaty the dish appeared if you weren't aware of the fact that a large majority of a monkfish is, in fact, its succulent tail. It might not be the most attractive creature around, but the plump, sweet nature of the meat makes it one of the more desirable fishes around.

They do make provisions for vegetarians here; my guest enjoyed an earthy, rustic roasted squash, red onion and goats cheese salad as a starter. Whilst the main course was an ever reliable pea and mint risotto. These aren't dishes that will live long in the memory of your culinary highlights but will keep your vegetarian guests satiated whilst you immerse yourself in another platter of oysters.

The choice of desserts were popular classics they knew the Notting Hill crowds will adore from a chocolate fondant with a thick, gooey interior to the ideal autumnal dessert in the form of Bramley apple crumble which had a high level of acidity that is ideal for aiding with digestion.

What's the secret to Kensington Place's success? By doing the simple dishes extremely well, they've ensured a loyal following who keep coming back for more.
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