6 of the Weirdest CBD Products

1st April 2020

While we’re completely on board with a lot of CBD infused products out there, like topicals for muscle recovery, cosmetics for skincare, and CBD infused tea, there is only so much that even we can take before we have to say enough is enough.

Keeping in line with April Fools, we have listed 6 of the weirdest CBD products that money can buy.

CBD Activewear

It’s becoming more and more common to see top professional athletes, as well as regular gym-goers, take CBD oil after a workout because of its reported ability to reduce inflammation and pain.

Acabada is a clothing brand who has taken this idea one step further by infusing their activewear with CBD which gets absorbed into your skin AS you work out.


CBD Toothpaste

A New York biotechnology company has just launched a complete cannabis-infused toothpaste and mouthwash line. It is reported to have extraordinary cleaning abilities, whitens your teeth, relieves toothache, and prevents bacteria from getting too comfy in your mouth.

CBD Toothpicks

You spent the afternoon chatting and laughing with your co-workers only to later realise that you had a piece of cabbage stuck between your teeth the whole time.

Now you can remove that annoying stowaway with a CBD toothpick. Not only will your smile be back to normal but you will also get the benefits of CBD oil as it absorbs into your mouth.

CBD Sugar

There is a certain guilt that can come over you when you take sugar in any form, but not any more. Introducing CBD sugar. There are plenty of different options too, with CBD chocolate discs, granulated sugar, and stevia syrup to choose from.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Stimulating Serum

Date night has been arranged in advance so there are no excuses. You have chosen the wine, the movie, and the takeaway has been ordered. This is certain to set the tone for the evening but did you know that there is a unique CBD serum designed to enhance your fun later?


XES CBD stimulating serum interacts with cannabinoid receptors located in the vagina that results in intense pleasure for her. Is there anything CBD can’t do?

CBD Pet Bed

You know CBD pet treats are a thing but did you know that your pet can sleep in CBD too?

Royal Heritage, who recently launched CBD bed sheets, has now released a pet bed made of polyester with removable CBD infused covers. Your pet can finally get some proper deep sleep as its coat breathes in CBD

CBD Toilet Paper

Finally, we can stop chopping down trees to clean ourselves. We now have the option of purchasing CBD toilet paper which is made from the stalks of the hemp plant and coated in cannabinoids and terpenes.

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