What Does Organic in Relation to CBD Mean?

29th August 2019

Buzzwords get thrown around a lot when you see companies try and market their products and the world of CBD is no different. You’ve probably heard the latest company advertise their CBD as ‘raw hemp-derived, cold-pressed or organic CBD oil’.

Organic can mean lots of different things depending on the context. So, it’s useful to get knowledgeable about what’s on the label to prepare yourself for when you are purchasing the newest CBD product.

What is Organic?

In the context of food and farming methods, organic simply means that the crop has been produced without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides or any other artificial chemicals.

Organic agriculture works towards producing foods and supplements that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable as well as medically safe. Organic living is important for a lot of people who wish to ensure their food is free of additives that are designed to kill or remove pests from a crop.

A common misconception is that organic foods, including things like CBD edibiles and oils, don’t use any pesticides at all. They do but they only use natural pesticides as opposed to anything man-made or synthetic.

What Benefits does Buying Organic Have?

The benefits associated with growing crops organically are astronomical compared to non-organic crops when considering the environment. Organic products can better the environment because they:

  • Don’t Kill Bugs and Animals

Synthetic pesticides are generally designed to kill all forms of life other than the actual plant itself. As a result, they end up killing off lots of essential pollinators, such as bees. These pesticides end up getting into our food chain and we are also at risk of accumulating an amount of them in our bodies. Organic farming general works by using natural pesticides that repel these bugs as opposed to killing them.

  • Are Safer to Eat

What is harmful to pests on plants is generally also harmful towards humans. Chemical additives to foods have been strongly linked to a plethora of diseases in humans, including some types of cancer. Organic food is generally known as the healthier option and will ensure you are not accumulating nasty chemicals in your body.

  • Reducing the Number of Superbugs

Non-organic pesticides eventually lose their ability to reduce pests over time. When pesticides are used, most of the pests will die, but a handful will remain alive. These are resistant to the pesticide used and will eventually breed, causing widespread resistance to common pesticides. Organic farming relies on repelling the insects which in turn reduces the chance of pests becoming resistant to chemicals.

  • Put Fewer Chemicals into our Oceans

Whenever we put chemicals onto our plants, they will always leech into the soil. When the chemicals are in the soil, it's only a matter of time before they end up water. Because pesticides are designed to kill, they can and do end up killing marine life than end up ingesting them. Organic pesticides are more natural and don’t have the same effect on the oceans.

Final Thoughts

cbd syrup

CBD is a wellness supplement that can be beneficial to just about everybody. It’s important that we don’t sacrifice our health as well as the environment in the process when we purchase CBD oil. There are lots of companies out there producing organic CBD oils and it’s really easy to see who cares and who doesn’t, so make sure you check!

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