Here’s What Happened When Lily Allen Tried a CBD Facial

31st August 2019

CBD is the beauty industry’s biggest growing trend right now. First the cannabis-derived compound made its way into food and drink, now it’s mascara, serums, deodorants, and face masks. cannabidiol (CBD) industry is already exploding, but what is the one thing that could make it gain even more momentum? Celebrities!

Whether or not we choose to admit it, we’re all susceptible to celebrity trends, maybe it’s sponsored ads, we just trust their opinion, or it’s simply how god-damn good they look on the daily… we’ll have whatever they are having. Lily Allen is the latest celebrity to jump on the CBD train, following in the footsteps of Kim K, Whoopie Golberg, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Classic CBD Facial

During Lily Allen’s recent takeover of the Stylist, the singer/songwriter at her own request embarked on her own CBD journey, undergoing an infused facial.

The 45-minute treatment started with a CBD infused coffee before incorporating cleansing, a mask, and an extended massage, all using CBD oils to help soothe the skin. It promised to give “dull skin a much-needed boost, leaving it looking healthy, glowing and radiant”, according to the Stylist.

After a bad experience following a chemical peel Lily Allen spoke about how CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties helped soothed her skin.

“I love a facial. I’d had a chemical peel the week before I went for this one and for some reason I had quite a bad reaction to it. My skin wasn’t flaking like it sometimes can after a more extreme peel, but my face was quite sore”.

“CBD is known for its healing properties, and this facial really helped to soothe my skin and clear up the after-effects of the peel. The whole experience was very relaxing – it started off with a cleanse, there was some exfoliation and then the therapist applied the CBD oil. I enjoyed it and it really calmed my skin down.” 

CBD is Trending

If you’re in and around Notting Hill, London any time soon…Lily’s treatment was at Young LDN CBD and is rumoured to cost £75, which isn’t bad when you consider what a high quality CBD oil costs. The luxury skincare and beauty destination in the heart of London is said to have been created with ‘Gen Z’ and ‘Millennials’ in mind. It also has a nail salon (CBD Nails??), and an express LED bar where you can enjoy express facial treatments, sign us up!

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