Why Leighton Meester Uses CBD Balm for Stress Relief?

4th September 2019

When you think of Leighton Meester, your first thought is probably of her killer portrayal of the cut-throat New York schoolgirl Blair Waldorf. IRL, Leighton is a far cry from the high-maintenance Upper-East-Side socialite she played on Gossip Girl. In a interview in the April edition of Shape magazine, the 32-year-old actress, musician, mom and wife of every millennial girl’s teen crush, shared how she maintains a stress free, dynamic lifestyle in La La Land. Between her acting career and working on a music album, Leighton incorporates CBD as part of an overall healthy and active lifestyle, with a huge focus on self-care.

CBD for self-care

As part of her ethos of self-care, Leighton uses CBD balm to reduce tension and pent-up stress in her shoulders and hands. As a working mother, Leighton is also a huge fan of using essential oils to de-stress, either by using an essential oil diffuser in her trailer to maintain a sense of rejuvenation during her work day or by adding a few drops to a relaxing bath after a long day on set. She is also a huge fan of DIY beauty, making her own body scrubs, lotions, soaps and bath salts made out of natural products.

cbd balm and products

Now as lovely as all this might sound, you’re probably saying to yourself: But Leighton, I am not a glamorous celebrity with a personal chef at my beck and call, I am a normal, average person still straddled with student debt and the occasional Nandos is the only thing keeping me sane right now. I am not a gossamer thin Hollywood siren and I have accepted that (kind of).

So, you’ll be pleased to know that her insides are not made entirely up of quinoa and tofu, and her diet is not without its indulgences. Leighton believes in a 60:40 diet approach of eating healthily most of the time, without completely restricting herself to kale smoothies. While she might pick up a healthy salad for lunch, all bets are off for dinner – which could be anything from tacos to a bowl of cereal or fudge mint cookies (so let that comfort you the next time you’re eating Shreddies for dinner for the third time in a week).

CBD for wellness

Leighton rounds off her healthy-ish lifestyle with a holistic and spiritual approach to staying fit, using surfing as her main form of exercise. Leighton was introduced to the sport by her husband and fellow teen icon Adam Brody, who is best known for playing Seth Cohen in the prolific teen series The O.C.

Instead of obsessing over burning fat or sculpting out killer abs, Meester focuses on building her skills as a surfer and how that boosts her confidence, all while enjoying the spiritual experience of being in the ocean.

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