Everything You Should Know About CBD Dip Pouches

26th August 2021

CBD dip pouches are the next big thing in CBD products. After all, they're small, discreet, and most of them taste great. Plus, they all contain CBD in fairly high doses.

However, since they're so new to the market, you might have questions — and we understand that. Fret not; at Candid, we've taken our time and done our research. We've looked up everything you need to know about CBD dip pouches — from what they contain, to how to use them.

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What Are CBD Dip Pouches, Exactly?

Before we tell you why CBD pouches are your new must-have, we'll have to tell you what they are. In a nutshell, these pouches are the CBD-infused equivalent of snus pouches. However, most CBD pouches are free from nicotine and tobacco.

If you're a non-smoker, this means that you can safely use CBD pouches. Generally, most CBD pouches contain a selection of food-grade ingredients. This often includes natural ingredients, like fruit extracts for flavouring, and cane sugar as a sweetener.

At Candid, we believe that CBD pouches will completely revolutionise the CBD industry. This is because of how discreet they are.

CBD Oil Benefits

In fact, with CBD pouches, there's no tell-tale smell. You don't have to fiddle with droppers for accurate dosage, either. Plus, they're fuss-free and extremely easy to use — which we'll tell you about next!

How Do I Use These Pouches?

CBD dip pouches are fairly easy to use. They're also quite hassle-free, making them ideal for CBD enthusiasts on the go. Simply remove a pouch from its tin, and place it in your mouth.

Here, manufacturers recommend placing it between your gum and upper lip. This means that CBD pouches have fairly high bioavailability rates. This means that the CBD bypasses your digestive system, to directly enter your bloodstream. Therefore, you could feel the effects far quicker than you would with an edible, oil, or CBD-infused drink.

While using a CBD pouch, we'd also recommend that you don't chew on it. This could puncture the bag, causing leakage — not a pleasant thought! For best results, keep the pouch in your mouth anywhere between half an hour to 45 minutes; it's safe to remove once you can no longer taste the flavouring.

CBD Edibles

Now, you can throw your used pouch away. However, most manufacturers understand that you might not always have access to a bin. What's a CBD enthusiast to do?

Well, here's the good news: most CBD dip pouch tins come with a little compartment in the lid. Pop your used CBD pouch into this compartment, and empty it once you have a bin in sight. With CBD pouches, it really is that simple!

How Do I Choose CBD Dip Pouches?

We stand by what we've said — CBD pouches are, in fact, the next big thing! But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best CBD pouches to meet your needs? Fear not; at Candid, we're here to help!

Choosing the perfect CBD dip pouch all comes down to research. Always start by reading the product reviews. This helps understand whether you're getting a good-quality product — how do other people feel about it? Did they think it was worth the price?

Then, look up the CBD pouch's third-party lab results. This will help establish how much CBD they contain, and their THC content. You'll also be able to see whether or not they're actually free from nicotine or tobacco.

Finally, read up on the brand and manufacturer reviews. For this bit, we'd recommend websites like Reddit or TrustPilot. Most times, you can expect honest reviews, written by CBD enthusiasts, so they know what they're talking about!

Candid's Picks Are…

At Candid, we want to make things a little easier for you. Because of this, we've picked out our favourite CBD dip pouches. Our favourite CBD pouches are, without a doubt, the ones from Canndid. Available in eight tantalising flavours, with Canndid, there's a CBD pouch for everyone.

Why not try their Berry Blast CBD pouches — a delicious combination of strawberries and raspberries? You could also opt for something a little more traditional, like their Glacial Mint CBD pouches, the epitome of minty-cool and refreshing! Alternatively, shop their other range of fruity flavours; with Canndid, there really is something for everyone.

Other flavours include:

  • Berry Breeze — strawberries and mint, the perfect dessert blend.
  • Blackcurrant Anise — for the more adventurous, this is the perfect sweet-spicy mix.
  • Cherry Orchard — cherries might be seasonal, but these CBD pouches aren't!
  • Iced Apple — a delicious, refreshing combination, featuring apple and mint.
  • Mango Crush — feel the tropical vibes with this delectable mango flavour.
  • Strawberry Haze — if you don't know where to start, keep it simple with the traditional taste of strawberry.

Each pouch contains approximately 20 mg of pure CBD, extracted from American-grown hemp, and comes in a tin of 20 CBD pouches. Plus, Canndid uses food-grade sweeteners and flavouring in their products, giving you the best possible experience. Retailing for £15, it's a great way to get a dose of CBD.

Our friends at Canndid want to create CBD products that everyone can use. Therefore, these CBD dip pouches are free from THC. Whether you undergo frequent drug tests for work, or are simply sensitive to THC, you can use these pouches without fear of an adverse reaction.

With Canndid, there really is something for everyone. If CBD pouches aren't your cup of tea, browse their selection, directly available on their website.

CBD Pouches: The Next Big Thing

In the search for the best CBD products, CBD pouches definitely make the cut. They're a great way to get a discreet dose of CBD, whenever you need it. These tins are sleek, fitting nicely into your bag or pocket, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Plus, with Canndid, you're guaranteed nicotine-free pouches with a healthy dose of CBD, suitable for all CBD enthusiasts. With Canndid offering free shipping for orders over £50, why not try their CBD dip pouches today?

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